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Thread: Scrooged: AT&T To End Unlimited Data Plans

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    Default Scrooged: AT&T To End Unlimited Data Plans

    You can't say they didn't warn us.

    After months of broad hints about tiered data plans, AT&T has announced the end of unlimited data plans for 3G users, including iPhones and iPads. Starting June 7 (hmm, what's the significance of that date, we wonder?) new AT&T customers will have to choose between plans capped at 200MB or 2GB. Tethering is supported for the first time, but for an additional fee. Existing customers are grandfathered in for the time being, but can expect the new tiered plans to kick in for them as well at some point in the not-too-distant future.

    After years of struggling to keep up with iPhone users' thirst for data, the CEO of AT&T Wireless began talking last year about "incentives" for customers to consume less bandwidth. Saying that 3 percent of smartphone users were responsible for 40% of network traffic, Ralph de la Vega told investors in December that AT&T "would try to focus on making sure we give incentives to those small percentages to either reduce or modify their usage so they don't crowd out the other customers." This was widely interpreted as suggesting that the carrier would impose tiered data plans, but AT&T denied those reports at the time.

    AT&T's new data plans, announced today, take effect for new customers after June 7. Existing customers can keep their data plans for now.

    • DataPlus. 200MB cap, $15 per month. If you go over, you get an additional 200MB of data for $15. AT&T says 65% of smartphone customers use less than 200MB per month.
    • DataPro. 2GB cap, $25 per month. Additional 1GB of data available for $10. 98% of smartphone customers use less than 2GB per month.
    • Tethering. Available with the DataPro plan only for an additional $20 per month. Requires iPhone OS 4.

    The tethering plan may come to be known as the "AT&T Jailbreak Incentive Plan," as more and more users discover they can either pay nearly twice as much for data or spend a few minutes with Spirit.

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    so your saying that if I already have the unlimited data plan, it wont affect me? Its only for new costumers?

    Also, are they putting a data cap on those with unlimited???

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    With all these apps coming out with the ability to stream over 3G, this is pretty sucky I think. What about AirVideo, Slingplayer, Skype, Orb, etc? They're discouraging usage. Maybe thats their plan.
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    They are going to make you change your current plan when you buy the iPhone 4.

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    all this 3% taking up the bulk of data is complete bull crap... this has nothing to do with current data usage this is a way to curb projected future data usage once tethering is allowed. once all this exclusivity nonsense is over att is gonna get the kick in the nuts theyv had coming for a long time now.

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    this is such BS I'm done with this company

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    200MB!! I could never live on that! I have a 250MB add-on for my unlocked iPhone and I use all of that and more every month! I feel sorry for you US people, Verizon?

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    i don't need data,why cant they give an option to just not have one.

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    Another reason to switch to Verizon when they get the iPhone...just to say FU to AT&T

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    Quote Originally Posted by pakijawan View Post
    i don't need data,why cant they give an option to just not have one.
    Then you dont need an iPhone!
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    thats retarded! I guess the only way around this is to download any apps 'from the app store' through iTunes then transfer to the phone. Does this limit take into account mail?

    Maybe the Cydia devs need to think about making an app that is similar to iTunes for the Mac/PC where we can bypass downloading OTA, then transfer from Mac/PC to iDevice...Now that would be awesome and cut down a lot of data usage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOrioles33 View Post
    Then you dont need an iPhone!

    Yeah really whats the point of having an iPhone with no data. Yes I know it gets wifi but so does a computer if you are that close to wifi.
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    I cant wait till sprint or verison get the iphone cause i'm sick of at&t and how they do business, they keep butt [email protected] there customer.

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    I dont like this at all.

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    thats brilliant at&t! instead of making your network better so it can handle the buttload of traffic that will no doubt be created by probably the single most popular and data using phone ever, why not take the easy way out and bone your customers by limiting their bandwith! its an awesome idea!
    luckily im already divorcing my iphone for my new love, the htc evo 4g. hello, android!
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    AT&T can not change current iphone users unlimited data plans. If they did they would constitute a change in contract and allow every iphone user end their contract without an ETF. That would mean early upgrades to the new iphone for anyone.

    However they can and most likely will change the data plans for every ipad user. Old or new!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
    They are going to make you change your current plan when you buy the iPhone 4.
    That's what I want to know. I started out with the basic plan long ago. 600 minutes for 49.00. I have upgraded to the Tilt2 long ago. Never had a data plan. I just pop out the sim card and put it in my 3gs. Still no data plan. I get my data from wifi, even voip with iCall. I would never pay 30.00 for data, or for that matter 15.00. If I want data, I find a wifi spot, which are everywhere. For over 3 years now - (Free Data)

    But now when I upgrade to the iPhone HD are they going to stick me with some sort of data plan that I would never use?

    Speaking of wifi, anyone know if the new iPhone is going to have the wifi N ? so much faster.
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    Sorry ATT, but 20 dollars to tether an EXISTING 2GB cap is a joke. 45 dollars a month to only get 2GB max of data between a data-intensive smart phone and laptop tethering... you are going to lose customers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOrioles33 View Post
    Then you dont need an iPhone!
    Wi-fi is EVERYWHERE.UNLESS you are someone who is on the move constantly and need connection all the time,then you need 3G OR unless you live in a place where wi-fi is uncommon.From home to coffee shop to job to school .ALL of the places have wifi .PLUS wifi is really fast ofcourse. But all in all,They should give an option,not force the crappy service down our throat
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    i just talked to AT&T and they said that if you upgrade to and iphone and have unlimited you still will have it.You only lose it if you change it to any other plan. So we are all good if we are not brand new customers.

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