MacBook Pro's haven't seen a refresh since last April and the update at that time was fairly insignificant. I like the trend of optical drives going AWAY and for solid state goodness taking over. This upcoming refresh may not do away with the optical drive just yet, but the one after that probably will.

But who knows, maybe they'll throw out the "Super(not!)-drive" and sell those who want one the external offering, as is the case with the MacBook Air.

I'm used to being able to do away with optical drives in my ThinkPad laptops over the years, thanks to its Ultrabay, where you can simply swap (hot-swap even!) a Bluray/DVD-RW burner out for a 2nd hard drive, for example. I realize that we will not see anything like that, nor will we ever see Blu-ray drives on any Mac, which is more than fine with me.

I just don't want to be stuck with a type of drive that I haven't used for over 5 years and optical drives also happen to add fairly significant weight to a notebook and they take up valuable space to boot. Speaking of which, I have never understood as to why the adoption of USB flash drives for the source code of software and operating systems is STILL on DVD's. USB flash drives are certainly cheap enough, and the tiny amount of space required to carry even an entire OS is relatively tiny. At the same time, people moan and groan at how long it takes to install OS X or Windows, when you could be installing it several times faster using a Flash drive instead of a DVD. And yes, USB drives can easily be made bootable on Linux, OS X and Windows.

As far as HDMI on a MacBook Pro, I wouldn't hold my breath. However, now that DisplayPort and miniDP finally carry audio as well as video, that's fine with me.

Last but most certainly not least: IPS! It's on the iPhone, iPad, iMac, and Cinema Display's, please, let's have a high-end, high-resolution display and PLEASE retain the 16:10 aspect ratio for the 15" and 17" models. And that's my wishlist.