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Thread: Macbook Pro Shutting Down Problem..?

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    Default Macbook Pro Shutting Down Problem..?
    Hello gang,

    My wifes computer (1st gen mbp) occasionally will just shut down in an instant. Sometimes its consistent and sometimes its randomly one day and then not the next. An example is, she will have it plugged in and then the cord will pop out and then it just "zaps" off. Another example would be sometimes she will be on it without the cord plugged in for a good amount of time and then it just shuts off, etc...

    Apple has replaced the battery a few times as well as the main logic board which both will cause the problem to go away for a few months but then it will come back. This has been pretty consistent over the last two years (since the mbp release when I pre-ordered it). I have many other apple computers and products and have not had any problems with them, it just seems that this particular one might be a "lemon".

    My question is, has anyone else out there had this problem? And if so, what did you do to try and fix it..? Apple has tried their best to find the problem but just hasn't yet. Let me know your thoughts / suggestions - it would be much appreciated.

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    Its a common problem with the first few generations of the macbook pro. I blame the battery. Or the power management of os x. On the plus side recently the macbook pro that consistently had that issue I got a new battery from fastmac -- er this one -- and I haven't had a problem with it just shutting of randomly since (approx two months)

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    I had same issue. I'll try that battery.

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    Ok, so diggin around through the endless results on google; I have found some people suggesting the following:

    Battery Update:
    Apple - Support - MacBook and MacBook Pro Battery Update
    (which send you here to download an update)

    A few people had suggested this:
    Apple Portables: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)

    And I also thought it was funny that it has its own site dedicated to it now:
    Macbook Random Shutdown

    I would be interested to know if any of that works for anyone having this problem...

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    The battery update solved similar problems with my early edition MBP.

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