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Thread: Macbook Air or Macbook Pro?? Suggestions?

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    Default Macbook Air or Macbook Pro?? Suggestions?
    I am looking to buy either one. Have done some research, but would like to hear what you think, especially if you are a user of either one or both.

    I am shopping in the Apple Canada store, and if it is a Macbook Air, I will go with the 13", 256GB, upgrade to 2.13 processor and 4GB RAM. Be about $1,800.00, which is about my ceiling on price, maybe up to an even $2,000.00.

    I am curious if it is worth it, or if I should go with a Macbook Pro for roughly the same price.

    I like the size of the Air and I realize you are giving up some things for it, but I think I can make it by.

    Also, can you use Bootcamp on the Air?

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    i would just go for the's already pretty thin to begin with if thats what youre looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFDOOM44 View Post
    i would just go for the's already pretty thin to begin with if thats what youre looking for.
    Agreed. With that budget I'd say go for the MBP, with the SSD drive option, and perhaps even drop an 8GB ram kit in it. Far more powerful... My reasoning is this: Sure you may not NEED the more powerful option, but what happens that one day down the road when you want to do something on it that requires that power. Thats just me though.

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    I have a MBP for work, the newest and all the highest options, except a 256SSD instead of 500+. I just got my 11" air with 4GB Ram and Im upgrading the SSD to 250GB with one from OWC. The upgrade was quite pricey but I don't notice much decline in performance. I will be, but haven't yet, installed CS5 and I expect it to be fine. The SSD really just makes it so much faster.

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