Lately I ran into this error every time I opened Mac's text edit program. At first I just ignored it but after a few times of seeing it I got frustrated and had to fix the error. The error is below...

This Document Could not be autosaved because you don't have write access privileges to the folder that it's in.

I tried saving the file by save-as but still the same results. I also tried permissions repair and it was a no goer as well.

Then I tried doing a Get Info on a blocked folder. Click the lock icon in the lower right corner. It will ask you for your password. Once unlocked, set the permissions for "everyone" to Read Only. And still did not work! UGH!

Then I went to my home folder... and started looking around and in the library section I noticed that the Autosave Information folder had a little red mark on it. I checked out the info on this folder and could see that it was created in July and that was about the time I upgraded to Snow Leopard. Hmmmm

My fix to this was to delete the Autosave Information folder and I have not seen that error since I deleted the folder.