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Thread: I need help, BAD

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    Default I need help, BAD
    Alright, I'm on the windows xp partition of my macbook, it's the only way I can get online.

    What happened was, I downloaded this theme from this site and installed it.

    Liscio by =agarwal1 on deviantART

    It had an installer downloaded with the file, so that's what I used. After I downloaded it, it asked me to restart, then I restarted it.

    Then I started noticing that many things I would click on would not work, and it was kicking me off of most of my programs I would try to use.

    I NEVER BACKED ANYTHING UP, so I said screw it, I'm gonna install OSX 10.5 (I have Snow Leopard) and start over... soo i started the installation and it got stuck at the start up screen, so i turned my computer off, and then back on, and now it won't go past start up screen...

    and now I'm on Windows XP on through boot camp. gahhh this sucks.

    Can someone please help?

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    You going to have to run some sort of Mac repair utility. If you insert your Leopard disc and restart holding the"C" down, you will boot from the disc. You should get the the Mac install assistant. Before you select your install options, select the menu bar "Utilities" and then Disk Utility. Select your disc and repair. Then try if the Mac will boot.

    Back up your Mac and try to update to Leopard. DiskWarrior or TechTools Pro are good third -party utilities. TechTools is a bit more comprehensive.

    I'm assuming that with you updating to Leopard, that you've been using Tiger and the Boot Camp beta drivers. Be sure that when you reinstall your boot camp partition and reinstall Windows, to get the latest Boot Camp drivers from Apple. The original driers are on the Leopard disc.

    See how that goes and let us know.
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    i'm a little late to this discussion but, anytime I've gotten totally locked out of an operating system or system disc, I've used gParted to be able to access the hard drive and change settings. I'm not sure exactly what has been done on your computer but I used to have a triple boot of Mac OSX, Linux, and Windows Vista. I had to install everything in a specific order because the drive/partition had to be flagged to boot. I'm assuming that you've gotten your system fixed at some point in the last 6 months but maybe I can help someone else.

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