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Thread: Better Touch Tools (Mac)

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    I originally read about BetterTouchTool (BTT) on Lifehacker some time ago. So I have been using this tool for a while now and am just blown away by how many gestures one can assign to the trackpad/mouse/keyboard. Also, the commands that it can assign to these gestures are pretty slick too. For example, I have zoom assigned to the top left corner as a double tap, restore in the top middle, minimize on the top right. I also have ⌘w assigned to ⌘ + top right corner double tap, and ⌘q assigned to opt + top right corner double tap. It works so well, after playing with the settings and different combos of keys + trackpad, I just love it. It is freeware, but you can donate (like I will soon enough) to the guy that makes it. I haven't noticed any lag or extra battery drain, and it has options to sit in the menu bar, the dock, reside in the System Settings or all/one/any combo. With it living in the menu bar, it is easy to enable/disable, not that I have found the need to do so. I should also note that after tweaking the settings (which I didn't realize one could do) for sensitivity and such, I do not run into accidental gestures at all. One can even choose gestures to work in specific apps, or globally. There is even a windows-7-esque window snapping feature, as in drag window to the right and it will maximize to the right side of the screen and etc, though I didn't find much need for it on my 13" Unibody MB (I wonder why?). So yeah, this is one of my must have utilities on my mac, and makes things so much easier for me. Anyone else have this on their system?

    EDIT: I just realized that there is a Mac forum here, and this obviously is not it. If a Mod wants to move it to the Mac sub forum, that's cool. Sorry about that folks!
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    I love BTT. Been using it for years. It's always in the list of things to install right away on new systems.

    You can tweak it so much for my trackpad(the desktop one). I have a few applescripts put together to use with certain gestures.

    (Moved to mac section for ya.)

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    Nice tool (If I happen to ever get a Mac lol) I will use it.

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