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Thread: Leaked Photos Point towards Updated MacBook Air and MacBook Models

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    Default Leaked Photos Point towards Updated MacBook Air and MacBook Models

    It has been revealed on a new forum post on WeiPhone.com, that there are a few details regarding Apple’s upcoming plans for their MacBook notebooks and iWatch concept. The author of the post has provided accurate photos of MacBook hardware in the past, which gives his new information more credibility. The post has information about the new upcoming MacBook Pro line as well as the rumored 12-inch notebook. This suggests that the unreleased future MacBook could have a redesigned trackpad along with the possibility of not having a fan assembly. A reader over at MacRumors provided a summary of the forum post:

    1. MacBook Air updates are coming soon; MacBook Pro updates won't occur until September.
    2. He discusses a new 12 inch notebook without fan assembly. It comes with a new trackpad design that doesn't include the mechanical button, as we do on current MacBooks.
    3. An Apple watch device does exist but still in prototype stage, so its announcement won't come anytime soon.
    There is no word on where the rumored 12-inch MacBook would fit into Apple’s product line yet but Ming-Chi Kuo, KGI Securities analyst has said the following:

    We expect the unprecedented 12" model will boast both the portability of the 11" model, and productivity of the 13" model. The high resolution display will also offer the outstanding visual experience of the Retina MacBook Pro. The offering will likely be lighter and slimmer than the existing MacBook Air to further highlight ease of portability in the cloud computing era.
    Apple’s rumored iWatch concept was also in the post, however, the author noted that the iWatch is still in prototype stages and most likely won’t be seeing a release anytime soon. This goes hand-in-hand with other rumors that have been floating around stating that there would be a late 2014 release date for the iWatch.

    Source: WeiPhone (Google Translate) via MacRumors
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    Perfect I'm buying a new one this summer

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    Blurrier photos of closeups that could be anything please.

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    Time to get ready to sell my new MacBook Air lol. My only complaint with this great computer is the low-resolution display. Definitely a set back.

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    Can we get some leaked photos of the iPhone 6. Any Taiwanese workers here.

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    Please correct me if I am wrong, but are these just the last gen models in the picture? I have a late 2013 MacBook Pro with retina and on my model they removed the "MacBook Pro" from under the screen and also the HDD indicator light on the front chassis? And I don't need to go to speck-savers to see that they are both present? or would they decide to add then again to the nex gen models?

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    The one on the right looks to have speaker grills on the keyboard part. The 13in does not have that extra space, how could a smaller laptop have it????

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    Whoa.... The same lookin laptop. I'm excited

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    Quote Originally Posted by nealh View Post
    The one on the right looks to have speaker grills on the keyboard part. The 13in does not have that extra space, how could a smaller laptop have it????
    thats because it's a 15" macbook pro next to a 13" macbook air

    here's a similar pic

    it's just a visual thing, so you know what the article is about; not the actual products. The title of this thread is wrong as the original article doesn't have any leaked images. google translated here.
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