Apple will reportedly be giving retail store employees access to a number of paid iBooks for free so that they can become more familiar with the iBooks application. The expected result is that retail store employees will be able to play around with the application and learn more about it so that when customers ask questions relating to the software, they'll have useful answers.

iBooks is nothing new on iOS, but starting this Fall the software will no longer be iOS-only. OS X Mavericks will include its own version of the iBooks application that will be fully compatible with the Mac and the larger display. Because iBooks is becoming a larger part of Apple's ecosystem, it's imperative for retail store employees to have experience with the application.

Apple gave retail store employees early access to OS X Mavericks beta already so they would be able to learn the new software ahead of its release. Employees will be able to use the iBooks application bundled with the software update, as well as the free iBooks they are being issued as a way to learn the software without having to pay for the books out of pocket themselves.

It's unknown at this point in time exactly what books Apple's retail store employees will be receiving.

Sources: 9to5Mac