Many of you know that some of the Apple Stores around the world are a marvel of engineering. The Apple Store on New York’s Fifth Avenue happens to be one of them with its glass cube leading down into an underground space. By putting the store underground though, it is seemingly prone to water leaks and sure enough, that is exactly what happened earlier today in New York. According to the New York Post, heavy rain in the city caused water to erupt through the ceiling of the store, leaving employees running around and sliding tablets to save the merchandise from being damaged.

It wasn’t as severe as it sounds though as the water was mopped up quickly and the store actually never even closed. The Post did say that one worker on the site claims that there’s an issue with the stone slabs in the store entryway, which sits above the underground retail space. Incoming customers walk across those every day and past construction in the area may not have been up to snuff. If that’s the case, it seems there might be more renovation in the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, which will hopefully help employees avoid another indoor downpour.

Source: New York Post