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Thread: Apple Rejecting App Recommendation Apps Like Never Before?

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    Default Apple Rejecting App Recommendation Apps Like Never Before?

    According to a growing number developers sharing similar experiences, Apple is apparently showing no mercy to any submitted apps that feature "filtering, bookmarking, searching, or sharing recommendations."

    Apple, we are told, is on a rejection rampage. In fact, one developer speaking to PocketGamer this week says that Apple looks determined to enforce App Store regulation 2.25 at all costs. In particular, regulation 2.25 restricts apps that could be confused for other app stores.

    As a result, it appears Apple has stretched the remit of 2.25 to cover sharing via email or social networks. The ability to search the App Store within third-party apps also now seems to be restricted.
    Today's report suggests that Apple's move in this regard "threatens scores of titles already active within Apple's ecosystem - and, for the first time, not just those engaged in pure app discovery, either."

    "I have not seen this rejection notice before and believe that it is a new one," a developer wishing to remain anonymous tells PocketGamer. "We thought that basing our recommendations on sharing was suitable for Apple, as it had previously stated that if you bake in social or local into your app discovery, you would be fine. However, either we are not social enough, or Apple is going back on its position. Either way, it appears the scope of 2.25 continues to grow and I think they aim to be the only provider of recommendations for apps, along with being the distributor."

    Source: PocketGamer

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    The trouble with Apples recommendations is they are rubbish, whereas everyones else's recommendations tend to be so much better and better reflect whats hot at the moment

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    Fapple is just mad that they can't be as good at recommending apps like App Gratis and other apps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickuk View Post
    The trouble with Apples recommendations is they are rubbish, whereas everyones else's recommendations tend to be so much better and better reflect whats hot at the moment
    But only Apple knows what's best for you...

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    I need the notification that tells my whist-list app is having a promo discount. It would be better if Apple App Store could provide that feature.

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    I think these Apps are a waste of time! App gratis has been mentioned, but its a total con and when you read the description they word it so it makes people feel they are getting a free App via them, when it's free in the App Store anyway.

    I'm glad Apple are doing what their doing.

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    Holy control freaks. It's not enough they spend more time destroying jailbreaks than they do actually improving their "Almighty" iOS, now they attack their own Appstore? What goes on in their heads I wonder :P
    I get upset every time I hear about Apple putting more time and energy into something other than iOS. That's where their main focus should be at the moment in my opinion
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    One month ago I finally migrated fully to Android. Got tired of all of this apple rubbish. Got myself a nice Nexus 4 (love it! and very inexpensive for an unlocked device) and a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (really like taking notes with the pressure-sensitive wacom stylus).
    Now my son has my ipad2, my old iphone became an emergency back-up. When the ipad dies it will not be replaced by an apple product.

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