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Thread: Samsung Confirms Smart Watch Showdown with Apple

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    You fanboys crack me up -- insulting each other as if you had some deep-seated loyalty to an Apple or Samsung football team.

    Imitation spurs competition, which leads to innovation. It's a concept that's been around since the dawn of inventions, and always will. Apple imitates other products just as much as Samsung does. Just f**king relax and let live, man.

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    Samsung does not make their own OS. They rely on google. Hence the need to beef up their components to run a very inefficient OS on their hardware.

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    OK so why if they make a smart watch they are copying Apple but not the Sony Smart watch and Pebble which are both out? So if anything that makes both companies copy cats. I like Apple to but they copy just as much as the next guy. I don't know about you but i love that they copy each other. It gives me more to choose from and keeps the competition moving forward just like the automotive industry.

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    So Samsung has now lowered its self to the level of the people in china that made the fake iPhones that never made it into production! Like the iPhone nano lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by cgfusion View Post
    Here's the proof you droid, slamslop boys. Like I've been saying, they've made their $$$ on being copycats. I have no respect for them or their customers. And for you slamcrap fans...feel free to reply, I never read the replies you dolts. I'm American supporting an American company who continues to lead the technology despite the hub bub that Apple needs to update and is falling behind. NOT, the IOS is so good they don't need to....all that glitzy crap on a droid phone just slows it down, it's made for children and reading the droid fans comments you can there nah nah....
    Frankly i don't give a ***** who's copied who. Somewhere they're both in this deep copying business. one copies from the other and the other way around. I just want to buy a device that gives me all i need. I love cameras and photography. S4 would give me a 13mp camera but there are just no apps I want on the droid market. (except instagram). hoping Iphone 5S or 5GS (or whatever) would have a better camera.

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