While many of today's top tech companies are dramatically escalating the amount of cash they are spending on federal lobbying efforts, Apple - the mot profitable of the lot - is going in the opposite direction.

Apple reduced its federal lobbying dollars by 13% in 2012 to just under $2 million. Other names in the game, like Facebook, for example, increased its spending for lobbying purposes by nearly 200% ($1.35 million to $4 million) in 2012.

Apple's LD-2 disclosure form, which was obtained by Fortune, shows Apple's $2 million investment spread out over the following efforts:

  • Taxation (including the repatriation of profits earned overseas)
  • Education (including the use of digital textbooks in schools)
  • Telecommunications (including open Internet and children protection issues)
  • Environment (including electronic waste, Energy Star and EPEAT standards)
  • Trade (including free trade and border issues)
  • Consumer Issues (including privacy protection and the Do Not Track Me Online Act)
  • Investments and the SEC (including implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act)
  • Transportation (including the use of technology in cars and airplanes)
  • Computer Industry (including cybercrime)
  • Appropriations (including government precurement rules)
  • Media (including electronic publishing)
  • Medical (including the regulation of mobile medical devices)

Source: CNNMoney