Apple have launched a new “Get Stuff Done” promotional sale in the Mac App Store on Thursday, offering some popular Mac OS X applications for discounted prices for a limited time. The promotional sale will last three weeks total, and there are three sections to the promotional sale that will last a week each.

Today, the first section of the promotional sale has launched. It is called “Prioritize” and features all of the following Mac OS X applications at discounted prices:

  • Clear – (now $6.99)
  • Things – (now $24.99)
  • 2Do – (now $14.99)
  • Due – (now $4.99)
  • Todo – (now $6.99)
  • TaskPaper – (now $11.99)
  • The Hit List – (now $24.99)
  • BreakTime – (now $2.99)

This week’s applications are obviously checklist-like applications that pertain to the “Prioritize” theme, and the Prioritize theme will end on January 31st. Next week’s applications will pertain to the “Organize” theme, and the week after that the applications will pertain to the “Utilize” theme. It is unknown exactly what applications will be in the future sale themes at this point in time, however we know that they will be cheaper than the usual price.

We will keep you updated as the sale progresses through its stages.

Sources: Mac App Store via TUAW