On Tuesday, MMi reported that Apple is allegedly planning to set up an R&D center in Beijing. Sources inside of China say that Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed during a meeting with Beijing's acting mayor Wang Anshun that Apple's R&D aspirations were inbound for that nation.

Today, we're learning more about these supposed plans.

According to information presented on BrightWire (and originally obtained by sources speaking with CNET China), Apple's R&D center will actually be housed in Shanghai and could open well before 2013 draws to a close.

Apple will announce the opening of its R&D center in China this summer, but instead of being located in Beijing as rumored, the center will be situated in Pudong, Shanghai, an unnamed insider source told CNET today.
The rumored facility that will become Apple's R&D center consists of "three six-story Baroque style buildings with total floor area standing at approximately 10,000 sqm."

According to today's report, Apple's R&D aspirations for China have been on the drawing board for six or seven years already. Although Apple has explored options for expanding its global R&D footprint in Israel and Russia, the early 2013 reports of Apple's R&D goals for China largely emerged from out of the blue.

Source: BrightWire