Microsoft released the top Bing search terms for 2012, and while a few Microsoft products make the top 10 Apple’s products dominate five of the top spots in the Consumer Electronics section.

Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPad take the number 1 and 2 spots respectively with the Samsung Galaxy SIII coming in third. Apple’s iPad 3 came in at number 5, the iPod Touch at 6 and the iPhone 4S rounded out Apple’s efforts at number 9. As far as apps go Pandora took the number one spot, followed by Words With Friends, and I Heart Radio rounding out the top three.

Outside of the electronics world PSY’s Gangam Style was the most searched song of the year, somehow Lisa Lampanelli was the most searched stand up comic (really?), and Young and The Restless was the third most searched TV Show behind Dancing With The Stars and American Idol.

Definitely some interesting results, but what I’m interested in is how the results compare to Google and other search engines (are their any?). Perhaps only Bing users have terrible taste in comedy.

Sources: Microsoft [via TUAW]