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Thread: Apple Stores Reportedly Outpace Microsoft Stores on Black Friday

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alluziion View Post
    How can you say that? It does tell us that Mall of America has an Apple and MS store but it also gives you an insight on the success of each business on probably the busiest shopping day of the year. How can you possible say that stating that 11 iPads per hour was sold versus 0 surfaces and very few copies of Windows 8 as telling us "nothing"? What do you expect them to tell you? the psychographic of each of person?

    You need to open your eyes and stop being so narrow-minded... restaurants... really? China's probably the most powerful country in the world with insanely high educational achievement and an economy that will soon outgrow America's and all you can refer to are restaurants? ffs.

    Exactly. With all that and they care very little about something as simple as the sanitation levels and the upkeep of their restaurants. Powerful country in the world? I don't know about that. They barely figured out how to land a jet on a carrier. Powerful economy, yes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ambi_Valence View Post
    Jesus H, that sounds terribly prejudiced. Put that money into your restaurants? Clean the rest room?
    I'm not chinese but I'm offended, if I was chinese I'd tell you to Foxtrot Oscar.
    Sorry but if you go to the restaurants around here, even the high end ones, they are beyond dirty. Yes, put some of the profit back into the restaurants and clean it up.

    Quote Originally Posted by dhamien View Post
    Nice racism there ...
    Just pointing out an observation. :P
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    Seriously?? A discussion about Apple stores vs Microsoft stores? Wow. Who cares. Last time I checked, most companies utilize PCs because most companies have no use for Apple products, besides a handheld device. So to call this thread dead in the water-MS wins the global battle over Apple. Anyone writing about that here? Didn't think so. What a stupid article (not the poster).

    Also, ripping on Chinese people was out of line for that but for the others sticking up for a communist country need to get their skulls checked. It's not a nice place, just ask the masses over there like I did when I visited there for a tech seminar. Talk about violence and oppression. Thank God for the USA.

    My opinions.
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