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Thread: New Report Labels Apple "Most Innovative" Company for the Third Year in a Row

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    Quote Originally Posted by subywrex View Post
    Lol. I guess apple also stole the retina display for iPhones from another phone company too.

    Lmao. People think innovation is putting existing technology in something. Ie the surface. People say its so innovative. There have been tablets that run windows for a long time.

    Also apple was the first to actually make a successful tablet in form and function. I guess that isn't innovative either lol.
    Yeah, that was great wasn't it?

    That was also almost 3 years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hmar9333 View Post
    Yeah, that was great wasn't it?

    That was also almost 3 years ago.
    My point is I see a lot of companies following apples foot steeps. Yea I would say that android has really stepped it up, but as far as innovation? What has google really done? Haven't seen any google products that change the way things are like the iPhone and the iPad did.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ozzie5374 View Post
    Yes, I agree. But "Booz & Co"? WTF? Alcoholics?

    I think Apple have been screwing up over the past 18-24 months & the other companies catching up if not passing by. What other company builds a phone that then gives out rubber bands for coz of signal issues? I'm sick of all the OS updates, inheritantly beta versions. They need to get things "right" not "fast" for marketing purposes. Now I see issues with iphone 5 "swiping".
    I'm sorry but I see other products now with that wow factor and Apple playing catchup. iPad mini? Look at Samsung & Google products. My wife's Sony Ericsson Experia has an amazing screen and amazing 8mp camera. And that's a 2011 phone! Maybe this is why I'm still on iphone 4 & haven't bothered to upgrade. Don't get me wrong. I love the glass and alloy. The wow factor is there every time I use the iMac and trackpad but their phones have lost it.
    Lol please research this swiping issue. It literally happens intermittently when swiping your finger back and forth like a crazy person haha.

    And if you wanna use something that feels like a beta please go try ice cream sandwich OS. But that's just my opinion.

    Anyway what in saying is innovation. In sorry making an open product that windows and other platforms have been doing for years is hardly innovation. Making a product that changes an industry is innovation.

    The iPhone and the iPad are the only products that changed those devices forever. Other companies have adapted and have started to grow of of it. But let's face it. The iPhone paved the road of smartphones and the iPad changed tablets forever.

    Has apple gone stale for a lot. Yes they have. But for me and a lot of others. Having a device that handles everyday tasks with out flaw and also communicates flawlessly with all my other products is just not replaceable.
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