The folks over at TechCrunch are reporting that Apple is aggressively pursuing former and current Google Maps employees as part of its effort to build out its own Mapping solution. According to Darrel Etherington:

My source — a contractor who worked on Google Maps as part of a massive undertaking to integrate Street View and newly licensed third-party data to improve European coverage, as well as develop the platform’s turn-by-turn navigation — says that when attention turned to indoor mapping, things started to become less interesting and a lot of staff began looking around for other opportunities.
It isn’t a surprise to see Apple take such measures after the debacle that many consumers made out of Apple’s own mapping solution which launched as part of iOS 6 just last week. The launch faced significant criticism of the quality of the data in many parts of the world. Apple in turn ended up posting a number of job listings for Maps-related jobs over the past few weeks. Given Google’s history and resources placed into their own mapping solution, it isn’t a surprise that many qualified candidates happened to have worked on Google’s product as well.

Previous rumors suggested that Google has already submitted their own Maps application to the iOS app store but that was a rumor debunked by The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple. That being said, it is being said that Google may be working on their iOS app right now but it is likely to see a “before Christmas” target that appears to be a more realistic timeframe for its release. Given the uproar of negative comments about the state of Apple’s Mapping solution, many people would appreciate Google’s iOS app once it is released.

Source: TechCrunch