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Thread: Steve Ballmer: "Microsoft Will Compete With Apple In Every Department"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greatbiguns View Post
    Just like the CEO's shirt, Microsoft is FADING away.....
    Fan boys will be fan boys.

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    why does it look like Ballmer has extreme Hyperhidrosis Syndrome in this photo lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by rkswat View Post
    I have none of the issues you state. I've been rocking windows pc's and have never had a virus, never really had any malfunctions of the OS. Computers lock up, restart, have other issues.... even my wifes MBA has done the same. Not sure what some people are doing with their computers that cause all these issues I've heard about but I have never experienced them. I will never own an Apple computer, no need to pay all that extra $$ when I can get the same thing for so much less. I do like the trackpad on the MBA however, this is one thing I wouldn't mind having.
    You must be using XP. That OS is rock solid. Don't even try to say you're using Vista. No one will believe you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Colby21 View Post
    I've had my old Satellite A215 for going on 5 years now.. Original Hard Drive. I've never had any problems at all with anything. Most issues people have are user error. Don't download crap, don't go on suspicious websites, and you'll be fine. Another thing, Viruses plague PC's because PC's are the most common OS. Now that Apple is becoming more popular, we are seeing an increase in Apple threats in new Viruses and Spyware.
    OS 10 is based off UNIX. Try and find malware for UNIX. Your statement is not entirely true.

    Also, I'm not sure how you use your computer, but most people want to download utilities to make their life easier. Isn't that the entire point of technology? To make our lives easier?

    I'm definitely not a Apple fanboy. Gaming on OS 10 sucks. That's why you install Windows using bootcamp, or get a decent Windows desktop.

    Quote Originally Posted by fgocinski View Post
    Its obvious Microsoft HAS to compete with Apple... but they are definitely NEVER going to fade away. Apple makes excellent computers, which I use, but companies out there do not want to spend X amount of money when they can spend Y amount which is a lot less. Same goes for a lot of consumers. Also lets be honest, Linux is NOT going to be taking over Windows in the workplace anytime soon. Also XBOX is a huge profitable department for Microsoft.
    You're right. Linux won't be taking over Windows in workplaces or homes. It already has slaughtered it in the server market though.

    Quote Originally Posted by chillyiomi View Post
    This really has nothing to do. I recently bought a new laptop and had enough money for either a PC or a Mac. I myself prefer PC over Mac for two reasons. The GUI and the third party software. It really is a matter of choice and not price in most cases.
    In the case of third party software (I'm assuming you mean application compatibility), WINE does a wonderful job of running Windows programs on OS 10.
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    iPhone? More like MyPhone MaStA819's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by iDeadman View Post
    It's only "#1" because any poor man can afford a PC. Doesn't mean they would prefer it. I'm sure if Apple sold 100 different PCs at $300, the shoe would be on the other foot. It's not #1 because it's the best, it's #1 because it's affordable.
    and I'm still right that Microsoft isn't going anywhere. You went a bit off topic...

    Furthermore how is a mac not a PC? A PC is a personal computer and a mac does fall into that category I do believe... If a PC is only Windows specific what do you a call a computer with linux as the OS? I think this is just one of those ways that mac users try separating themselves from the rest of the world.

    I'm not talking on a cell phone...I'm talking on an iPhone! Since an iPhone is not a cell phone right?
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    If that shirt makes an 'X' then maybe Ballmer is trying to impersonate Charles Xavier....!

    Didn't work though, Xavier can't stand...

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    If they want to compete then MS needs to get into the hardware business. All they do is keep making new versions of their OS to stick in various devices made by OTHER companies. That's why the Windows experience is so sloppy. And good luck when you call for support and get the blame game of vendors telling you it's another vendor to blame for the problem you are having.

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    I thought he was sweating

    -Win7 Ultimate Retail Dualboot with Mac OSX 10.5.8 On PC, Core 2 Duo, 4GBRam, 300GB Drive, 500GB External, Nvidia Geforce 8400GS

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    Coming soon from Microsoft: The Sweat Vest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greatbiguns View Post
    Just like the CEO's shirt, Microsoft is FADING away.....
    Haha, okay. They are bigger than they ever were. Not stock wise...

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    Quote Originally Posted by iDeadman View Post
    It's only "#1" because any poor man can afford a PC. Doesn't mean they would prefer it. I'm sure if Apple sold 100 different PCs at $300, the shoe would be on the other foot. It's not #1 because it's the best, it's #1 because it's affordable.

    ^ says the guy in an apple idevice forum. :superfacepalm:
    WTF does that have to do with ANYTHING??? So just because this is an iDevice forum that somehow means that you're under some magical umbrella, protected from getting called out on your B.S.?

    And your whole "price" logic clearly shows what a simple fanboy you are. Crapple just knows they can charge inflated prices because dumb dumb people will pay it! People who are SIMPLE and need SIMPLE DEVICES! Same kinda dumb dumb's who will pay $3,000 for a stupid Louis Vuitton handbag when there are Coach bags that are just as amazing at a fraction of the cost!

    So don't be trying to make it seem like Crapple stuff is soooo amazing just because it's more expensive. I see way too many people in the Crapple store standing at the genius bar complaining about issues with their Crapple products for people to be acting like Crapple products are immune from failing! Lest we forget the iPhone 4 antenna issue and all the other retarded crap that people have dealt with from their Crapple products.

    You really need to come up with some better material to support your argument
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    whats wrong w the shirt ?it looks like he is sweating

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    Apple and Microsoft will be both become obsolete together neither one will go away years before the other

    Lol microsofts share of computers is huge but apples is way more significant. Apple sells are more significant cause they don't license software that's what some of you don't realize. Apple has a large share and only sells there software with there products so they get full revenue windows however licenses software so they only get a fraction of the sales
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    haha..yes yes and isn't his shirt promoting OS X?? hahaha! Anywho, I hope Microsoft does in fact "compete" as they say they will, as it only drives Apple to make better products for us. Sounds like a win win to me. When a company introduces there incomplete technology months before it is due to launch(not to mention the surface had issues when being presented onstage..i saw the video haha)there is a certain piece of mysticism that is lost. Not to mention you just gave the competition time to copy or better what you brought to the table. They have started out on the wrong foot yet again. Time will tell i guess..happy shopping :]

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    Although I strongly doubt it will happen . I hope that we'll see some REAL competition anytime soon!

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    Does that mean they will produce more reliable (OS) systems?
    Does that mean they will create new "look and feel" and operability that actually progress the market and not perpetuate the status-quo?
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    Glad to see Microsoft taking a stand. It's about time. Competition is good for us as consumers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Checksum47 View Post
    He needs to change his shirt. Looks like he just ran up 10 flights of stairs...
    Also Windows needs to change everything about its code. If Microsoft could make a quality computer that doesnt lock up for minutes at a time and where I could actually close programs and they actually close. I might think about buying a PC. But there are just too many problems with PC's. Its like they are trying to fix an old pot-holed road by patching it with hot-mix blacktop when Apple has a nice new 5 lane wide Concrete Freeway. Microsoft needs to tear up that old one lane road and start over...
    Microsoft doesn't make computers. Microsoft makes an OS, and crappy manufacturers use it to make low-quality products riddled with problems that cause it to work improperly.

    Microsoft is not to blame for your Packard Bell running like crap, or your ECS motherboard you bought for $10 causing your computer to crash. I have a 5 year old box that I leave running 24/7 and reboot once every 2-3 weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greatbiguns View Post
    Just like the CEO's shirt, Microsoft is FADING away.....
    Uhhh not really.

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    Just sayin'...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -17010501_116602897569.jpg   -microsoftceo_steve-ballmer.jpg  
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    I would only buy apple computer because it makes me feel that I'm rich and they are virus and spyware FREE... How come I don't see that commercial anymore? So funny some peeps don't even know what Microsoft do and made comments about it lol.

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