It was recently revealed that Apple’s upcoming OS X Mountain Lion will feature an automatic security check feature which will allow users to have the most up-to-date software protection. This is probably a feature being implemented because of a growing number of Mac-targeted malware that is becoming increasingly popular.

The new automated system was discovered in an update to the Mountain Lion Developer Preview, which runs a daily check with Apple’s servers to make sure OS X 10.8 users have the most current security patches and protections against known malware and viruses. The feature is called “OS X Security Update Test 1.0” and will run either daily or whenever a Mac restarts. It has the ability to download and install updates in the background, making the task of manually performing checks optional.

One new thing discovered about the feature is that it also creates “a more secure connection” to Apple’s servers possibly hinting to new encryption technology or more stringent default settings. The new update also includes the usual stability and general changes for the operating system which is set for a July launch.

It seems that Apple is focusing on prioritizing security in the next iteration of OS X to counter new threads that continue to arise as Macs gain a larger user base. All thoughts point toward the Flashback trojan which plagued the OS several months ago. The update, which came exactly one week after OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview 4 was released, is available through the Mac App Store and weighs in at 1.15 GB.

Source: Apple