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Thread: Photos of Ashton Kutcher Dressed as Steve Jobs Surface

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    Quote Originally Posted by GooseG View Post
    Why would they cast a *** guy as the greatest man ever?
    Greatest man ever? I'll have what you're smoking! Indeed a genius and inspiring to some degree but you've lost touch with reality if he is your idea of the greatest man ever.

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    This movie is being made with no involvement from Apple whatsoever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneduality View Post
    I'm a little confused, when Jobs was that age and had long hair.. did he wear this outfit then?? unless he's going for Jobs of the late 90s.. but the hair is a jobs earlier than that.. maybe I'm just wrong... Steve jobs from 20 years ago had that look, I'm just not convinced he had that outfit.
    He didn't. Only after Apple was a massive company did he decide he wanted an iconic uniform of sorts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IamEzio View Post
    Where is the NB shoes ?
    this is "Jobs" in his 30s-40s... many years before he was wearing New Balance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iving View Post
    Steve would have been very happy seeing a movie based on his life
    Have you ever seen the movie Pirates of silicon valley? The man barely could handle a book being written about himself.

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    I hope Kutcher nails it. He seems like a cool guy, even though he gets a lot of flak by kids online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baRRy boRRis View Post
    How is it extremely disrespectful?! What is wrong asking Laurene if they can have one of his shirts for the film? He has hundreds, he isn't going to be wearing them any time soon. This is a factual film about him, not a mocking parody.

    Is it extremely disrespectful to buy clothes from a charity shop on the off chance that they're the clothes of a dead person which they most likely are?

    To be fair the neck isn't turtley enough
    The difference is Job's clothes aren't presumably in a charity shop. They are most likely at home with his family who are still probably mourning.

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