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Thread: Eleven-Year-Old Boy Urinates On $36k Worth of MacBook Computers

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    Quote Originally Posted by quidam_brujah View Post
    we do live in a democracy
    If you're speaking of the United States, then calling it a democracy is not correct, as it is a republic. Those are two different things that do overlap in some areas. Still, it's common error people make.

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    "ALL" 36 macbooks were destroyed.!!!! ... please... even if he p!ssed on 1 macbook. i dont see how it would be destroyed... jeez.. what the boy drink ..?? acid...!!

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    Stick to the man!!

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    So many questions yet I don't really care..what is the relevance here?? Peeing on this where MMi is going now? Come on guys there are much bigger stories out there. Don't keep a cart of Macs in front of children unattended..blame the staff not the innocent child. SILLY!

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    I wish it was my kid. 2 thumbs up. Hahahaha. Just too bad he got caught.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Bachini View Post
    "ALL" 36 macbooks were destroyed.!!!! ... please... even if he p!ssed on 1 macbook. i dont see how it would be destroyed... jeez.. what the boy drink ..?? acid...!!
    Biological contamination. Better to get rid of all of the macbooks than to risk a lawsuit. It's not as if you could really hose them off or wash them.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again. 90% of the world's problems can be fixed with a simple, old fashioned passionate a** whoopin. If I pulled that when I was a kid, my dad woulda kicked me to sleep and woke me up with right hooks.

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    Kid had the right idea in mind. Macs suck.

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    lol! i don't know what will i do with that kid if he's mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Amazing Atheist View Post
    Kid had the right idea in mind. Macs suck.
    Don't think that's the point of the story. It doesn't always have to be about Apple/Mac versus something else.

    The moral of the story is, the school should have been paying attention to what it is considering "valuable." The kid was dumb, the school may have been dumber...

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    Everyone is blaming the kid... why is a kid alone with $36,000 worth of macs unattended long enough for him to pee on them...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lelitton View Post
    Right you are, I dropped my MacBook Pro in a mud puddle and it was there until I missed it! Got it out of the puddle, removed the battery, rinsed it with distilled water, wrapped it in a dish cloth (dry) and put it into a large container of dry rice. Got it out in two days and fired right problems.

    Yah im thinking the cops that suggested that they were "beyond repair" sounds a bit exagerrated. They probably said that to mislead people into thinking they couldnt be fixed. In other words they probably took a couple home to try and fix them, and make a quick $600-$1000 (depending on the repairs, and overall cleanup)
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    Quote Originally Posted by buggsy2 View Post
    "Destroyed"?? Just rinse them off, let them dry and they're good to go. The other kids, forced to use them, will punish the perp in their own way and problem solved. Sheesh, why does everything in America get a complete over-reaction?
    You'd use a computer that someone pissed all over if they just rinsed it off? I wouldn't touch any computer that's been pissed all over if it were submerged in bleach for a week.
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