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Thread: CNBC: 50% of U.S. Homes Are 'Apple Families'

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    1 MacBook Pro
    4 iPod Touches
    1 iPad 2
    1 ipod Nano
    1 Apple Microphone (super old)
    3 iPhones (all 4)

    This is my whole family household, adding up to a grand total of 11 Apple products!

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    Quote Originally Posted by epikarus View Post
    I dont get it, if 50% are apple families, then does it also make them a Sony family if they have a PS3? Does it also make them a Samsung family if they have a Samsung TV? Seems kinda over optimistic to call a family an Apple family just with one or two Apple products.
    I agree. Up until 2 weeks ago, the only Apple product anyone in my family (besides me) owned was an iPhone. Now my dad has an iPad 2 he bought from someone at Best Buy for $1 more than Best Buy offered her for a trade-in. It was too cheap to pass up. I wouldn't call us an Apple family though. Nobody in my family really has any interest in other Apple products.
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    I own one iSuck
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    Quote Originally Posted by jose060789 View Post
    I own the following:

    (6) iPhone 4S

    (10) MacBook Pros

    (5) new iPads

    (12) iMacs

    (7) iPod Touches

    (3) cinema displays

    (3) iPod classics

    (6) iPod nanos

    (4) iPhone 4's

    (2) Mac Pros

    (4) Mac Minis

    (5) iPod Shuffles

    (4) MacBook Airs

    (4) Apple T.V's

    (seriously is that all just for you alone or do you share with your family?!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by recognition View Post

    (seriously is that all just for you alone or do you share with your family?!)
    Lol I was mocking everyone who was listing every apple product they own, seriously like anyone gives a F***. I know I don't
    Sent from my iPhone 4.

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    i'm sure my lineup is easily trumped on this forum, but it's fun to post anyway!

    1 macbook
    1 macbook pro
    2 imacs
    2 iphone 4S
    1 iphone 3gs
    1 iPod touch
    1 iPad
    2 appleTV

    my mac mini just pooped out on me though... anyone want to buy it for parts??
    here it is on ebay:

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    Very happy with both my iPhone 4 & 4S. Now when it comes to desktop/laptop? There is NO replacing my windows 7 pc!

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