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Thread: Apple's Rumored HDTV May Be Weeks Away From Production

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    Default Apple's Rumored HDTV May Be Weeks Away From Production

    If the latest reports regarding Apple's yet-to-be-confirmed forthcoming HDTV prove accurate, the still-mythical product could manifest on the assembly lines within the next eight to twelve weeks.

    The report comes from Peter Misek, Jefferies & Company's senior Apple analyst, who recently traveled to Asia. In a new note issued to investors this week, Misek is predicting the full-on commercial production of the "iTV" to begin in late spring around May or June.

    But according to Fortune magazine, Misek's evidence is less than compelling:

    His evidence, however, is pretty slim: small quantities of polarized films, filters, and IGZO components starting to ship to Apple's Asian panel suppliers.
    Misek also returned from his trip with greater insight regarding the introduction of a sixth-generation iPhone, which he believes will once again come this fall - not in early summer.

    "We believe initial iPhone 5 build expectations are approaching 50 (million)," Misek revealed. "Our expectations for the 5 include a 4" to 4.3" screen, wider form factor, A6 processor, and refreshed design. We believe iPhone 4S sales are particularly strong and have shown lower than normal seasonality."

    Underscoring his excitement for the company, Misek has raised his Apple (AAPL) price target to $699.

    Source: Fortune

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    Waiting we get too many false rumors

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    hope it comes in 3d

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    Do not want. I like the AppleTV box of today. I don't love Apple because they make amazing screens, I love them because they make amazing compute/OS products. I wonder how many other people are in my boat. The success of their current AppleTV product might erode their new HDTV venture. I would much rather be free to update my screen independent of the box hooked to it than have to chase the Apple tail with an entire TV.

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    Why bother Apple? I'm sure it will be good but. I won't be getting one.

    What i do want for apple is a car audio interface. That would be awesome!

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    I'd love to see an new re-release of a 30" cinema display with a matte screen. Hmmm

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    I bet the next iPhone will have the A5X in it, I doubt Apple will put the A6 in it right now seeing as they used the A5X in the new iPad. Anyway, I hope a TV comes out soon, I can't wait to see what Apple does with it!

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    It's probably gonna be called... the New Apple TV...

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    Michael Essany is the Michael Pachter of the Apple world. i.e. He loves to report on rumours that never materialise.

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    Before the last keynote I was expecting an iTV to come up soon but now I'm really not sure anymore. I think the fact that Apple unveiled the new atv alongside the new iPad says a lot about how they see things.

    You have your Apple TV hooked up to whatever display you want and you control whatever "extra" content you may desire using the iPad with Airplay Mirroring or Playback.

    An iTV seems more and more irrelevant to me and I think to Apple too.

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    Apple tv is a great wee box and I don't see a tv anytime soon!! Although apple will need to learn people will not upgrade a tv as often as phone so the tvs would need to be future proof

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    Yay. Yet another highly overpriced HDTV!

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    A beautiful television designed by Apple? Yes please . . . at Apple's prices? No thanks.

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