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Seriously, enough is enough. China has too many people. Without Foxconn and similar companies, many MANY people would starve to death. This is how bad it is. These people have it good. Look at the factory conditions. It's clean, well lid, and very organized. Many other factories here (I'm in China) are dirty, rundown, and do not even have proper ventilation! Oh and I'm sure the Foxconn building are all air conditioned. At my friend's swimwear factory, all they get are fans blowing hot air around.

Thousands of people line up outside everyday to get a spot at this "paradise" factory. Believe me, if I had to work at any factory, I'd work at Foxconn. I've seen many factories from clothes, to shoes, to food. I'd rather be building iPhones then doing anything else.

These people that complain about wages, they should be grateful that they even have a job! There are thousands outside that are willing to work for less! If they have any common sense, they would know that if they continue to have kids at the rate, labor will get cheaper. Simple supply and demand.

In other words, as long as there are people to exploit then lets exploit them.