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Thread: New Apple Patent Could Spell Trouble For Some Ultrabook Manufacturers

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    Quote Originally Posted by fungusfeet View Post
    That's even more ridiculous than the orginal story, patenting feet!
    Well, they've already patented shapes and colors. I'm sure their patents for things like "using electricity" and "communicating information" are in the works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by syedsufyan View Post
    Apple is so stupid and uncompetitive. What is the point in this patent besides stopping all means of competition?
    To encourage originality from other manufacturers. It's rather obvious they are directly copying everything Apple does. Wouldn't someone trying to steal all your ideas and become you be annoying? Apple is simply protecting their property and ideas, as well as the signature style of their brand. I would do the same thing. If somebody copied my music and tried to make money off of it without giving me what I deserve, I would sue the living **** out of them (and probably beat them
    Down) I guess You would just sit back and watch others get rich off of your efforts, right?

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    Good sick of copycats, want to make money stealing apple design? Then pay apple!!!

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    Not only did you misread the patent as stated in the first comment, you also failed to understand the meaning behind Tim Cook's quote:

    “Now, you see the industry at large trying to copy it in some way, but they'll find that it is not so easy."

    Says nothing about taking legal action against anyone. He was referring to the engineering feat that was required to produce the macbook air. He was talking about how it is hard to cram a powerful computer into a tiny footprint, not that it was going to be "legally arduous" for competitors to continue to copy the MBA.....

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