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Thread: Apple Forces Pegatron to Cease Production of Asus Zenbook

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    With electronics getting smaller and smaller how much difference can you really expect to see from two different companies? Apple is just trying to own the world once again...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lv_vl View Post
    What difference does it make? It may look the same but it is totally different piece of equipment. People who want to save few $$ and need Windows 7 will go with Zenbook, those who don't mind paying some extra for better built quaility and MacOS will buy MBA. Simple as that.

    Remember first LEDs on Audi cars? Soon others began copying them: Mercedes, Porsche; even Kia has them now. Big deal.

    ... unless they steal from you...

    Great video and it shows how opinions change when you go from a small company to the big boy on the block. Not to mention a billion dollar lawyer staff that wants to justify their paychecks.

    Quote Originally Posted by lv_vl View Post
    Exactly! Let's sue light bulb manufacturers, AA battery manufacturers, bicycle manufacturers, etc., for making products that look and work identically.

    Can't wait to see what will happen once Apple releases TV. They'll start suing every TV manufacturer, especially Samsung, for making rectangular flat and thin TVs...

    I use MacBook Air, but I can't stand seeing all these absurd court cases. In fact, I looked at Zenbook before I decided to buy MBA. Let the competition/buyers decide, not courts, what manufacturers should and shouldn't produce.

    It will be interesting when they come out with a TV. I'm not sure what they will bring new to the table. What they need to do is just have apple tv mimic the iPad or iPhone on any tv. Not just airplay but every app. What would also be cool is have the iPhone become the game controller and have the game play on your tv through apple tv when connected.

    The TV's that are going to come out at the end of this year by all the big manufactures are going to be 4K which will upscale 1080p to 4 times the resolution. Can't imagine that is what apple will do out of the gate. My panasonic plasma already has apps such as Skype, netflix, youtube, Facebook and more come out all the time, so that's not new. I hear Verizon is going to start internet based Tv this year so that won't be new. It will probably just be a tv that will be tied into iTunes so they can get your money one dollar at a time. We will have to wait to see what they have to offer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rkswat View Post
    When you're scared of competition you whine like a ***** and cry to manufacturers. Apple reminds me of the bratty girl in Willy Wonka.
    So you are saying the zenbook doesn't look anything like the macbook air? gtfo.

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    Everything looks like everything. Good ideas get copied. Period. There are a million examples of this.

    Isn't this against the law? Using your bargaining power to influence a vendor to cease production with your competition? I'm pretty sure Visa and Mastercard were sued by AMEX and Discover Card for something pretty similar.
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    The thing is with this story is that Asus is using the same facility as Apple is for assembling there products. I don't blame Apple for doing this. How would you feel if you designed a product and using a manufacturer to have it assembled and to find out they are assembling another product for another company that is almost identical to yours. Wouldn't you say something about it? I know i would!!!!

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    As usual the same morons will chime in about how Apple is in the wrong for suing these BLATANT rip off artists. What these idiots don't realize is that the Zenbook is using the same method of construction (unibody aluminum) that Apple pioneered and brought to Pegatron for them to make the MBA. Now Asus just reaps the benefits of that. But again the idiots who have never created anything unique in their life wouldn't know about intellectual theft.

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