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Thread: Report: Apple May Instantly Claim 5% of HDTV Market

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    Quote Originally Posted by unison999 View Post
    Eventually 5% definitely, instantly doubt it.
    I for one would not want to buy a new unsubsidized TV every year, even subsidized I would be hesitant to do it.
    Why would anyone buy a new TV every year? That makes no sense???

    I swear people on internet message boards are sooooo out of touch with reality (this is not directed to you, but in general).

    1) This (LIKE EVERY OTHER APPLE PRODUCT) will not be prohibitively expensive
    2) It will easily eclipse 5% of the Market in its first year....when have apple NOT met or exceeded product launch estimates? Especially in the new iOS era
    3) Apple has been eyeing this segment of the tech industry for some people really believe that Apple will put out an "also ran" type of product? When has Apple EVER done that? It will obviously not be loaded with 13 USB ports, 4 SD card ports or bunny ears, and there will be the small inconsequential segment of the market place that will complain about it being 200ths of on its contrast ratio or it not having some other inane feature that 99% of the consumer population could give a **** about. These are the same people who thought the iPhone would fail because it didnt have and SD slot or a mini-usb slot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandyTG View Post
    Even though an iTV will most likely have a lot of cool features and an equal amount of iDevice integration, the TV itself must have the same features and capabilities or better than those already on the market; like screen rate (240Hz or better), resolution (1080p), Dynamic Contrast Ratio, etc.
    Being that Dynamic Contrast Ratio is a BS marketing term that doesn't mean squat (panel manufacturers specify contrast ratios, and the marketing teams for the tv manufacturers come up with the DCR) Apple can specify whatever they want. Last time I checked, there was no standard for testing DCR which is why we see ridiculous 100k+ numbers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moreno53 View Post
    Why would anyone buy a new TV every year? That makes no sense???
    It is an exaggeration for effect.

    Apple is know to "obsolete" their devices and stop support them after a few years, so what happens when Apple stop supporting the TV?

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