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there would definitely be a Microsoft. Steve did not save the company.
Seriously. Anyone saying MS wouldn't exist without Apple is just plain insane, or are a complete moron. Jobs has received way more credit than he deserves. He was nothing more than the public face of Apple, a tyrannical, egotistical a**hole. All his personal designs were the biggest flops in Apple's history. He should only get credit for surrounding himself with competent, talented people. Ive was more responsible for saving Apple than Jobs ever was. This is coming from an Ex Apple Employee that resigned after 8 years because Apple had become a crappy place to work and lost all of it's core/founding principles. Especially the idea of "Think Different" and being Unique. It turned into a vanilla, soulless place very much like Dell which I worked for when I was 18 so I know. This was in part due to Apple in Austin hiring a lot of Sr. Management from Dell, but also because Jobs always avoided and never liked Austin. We tried to get him to come visit many times but he always refused. Pretty sad considering we were their second HQ