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Thread: Tim Cook Holding Apple Town Hall Meeting to Discuss "Exciting New Things"

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    Default Tim Cook Holding Apple Town Hall Meeting to Discuss "Exciting New Things"

    After Apple’s quarterly earnings call, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, seems to have sent out a short email to Apple employees not only congratulating them for both setting a record on the 2011 holiday quarter, but also starting 2012 with the launch of the education initiative with iBooks 2.0, iBooks Author, and iTunes U. This doesn’t at all seem surprising considering the progress the Cupertino California company has made over the past few months.

    The most interesting thing about this email was what came after the thank you message. Cook told everyone to report to Town Hall the following day either in person or through the company’s AppleWeb online portal at 10:00 AM PST to discuss what he claims is “some exciting new things going on at Apple.” Previously, when something like this was mentioned by Steve Jobs, it led to preparation for major product launches such as the iPad or the iPhone.

    This leaves much to be excited about as it could be the announcement for something in the works. Cook’s email can be read below:


    Thanks to everyone’s hard work, we’re off to a great start in 2012. Last week in New York we launched a groundbreaking initiative for education with iBooks textbooks, and today we reported the strongest quarter in Apple’s history.Please join me tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. in Town Hall. We’ll review our record-setting results and discuss some exciting new things going on at Apple.The meeting will be broadcast live to many sites in Cupertino and other Apple locations. Please check AppleWeb for details.

    What do you think will be discussed during the Town Hall meeting? Share your guess in the comments below!

    Source: 9to5Mac

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    Nothing of value to us. They won't unveil a new product outside of their regular keynotes and certainly not at a "staff meeting" broadcasted across "campus".

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    Latest iPhone # info and release. (Fingers crossed) bigger screen!!! (toes crossed)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rabbit_ View Post
    Prob be iPad 3

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    Maybe it will be about the forthcoming expansion of Apple HQ? Remember back when Jobs talked about the new building??!!

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    When you say a new product release do you mean a new generation or an entirely new product?

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    Its about the Shighphone infinite. They agreed im so awesome i deserve a phone named after me. Except it wont make phone calls and will have the smallest screen ever. But its chrome so no prob

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    Sign me up for a FREE Whatever it is...

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    Hopefully it'll be in 2012 Macbook Pro updates Fingers Crossed!

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    anyone have a link where to watch this?

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    Ipad 3, hopefully iTV,Macbook updates.

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    Ivy Bridge introduction? An actual AppleTV TV? iPad3?

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    For as much as he is making I would sure hope it's "Exciting" "New" and a "Thing"

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    He's got a great denture smile:}

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