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Thread: Apple Poised to Adopt New Wi-Fi Standard in 2012

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    Default Apple Poised to Adopt New Wi-Fi Standard in 2012

    Apple might be pushing the Wi-Fi envelope again in 2012 by adopting the “Gigabit Wi-Fi” standard.

    This new standard, 802.11ac, uses four times the frequency bandwidth compared to current Wi-Fi standards and requires up to eight antennas to function. The new standard is capable of lightning fast 1 Gigabit network speeds and increases range, reliability, and decreases power consumption at the same time. While the standard hasn’t been ratified by the 802.11 Working Group this hasn’t stopped manufacturers like Broadcom from announcing chip-sets and components supporting the standard.

    Also, Apple has a history of staying ahead of the Wi-Fi curve. Jobs introduced Apple’s airport Wi-Fi home networking solution as the one-more-thing component of his Macworld 1999 keynote presentation. Apple’s iBook was the first consumer laptop to come with Wi-Fi built-in and the 802.11b standard present in the iBook wasn’t ratified till September of 1999. Apple released the Airport Extreme in 2003 using the 802.11g standard a full six months before the standard was ratified. Perhaps the best example is Apple’s implementation of the 802.11n standard. Apple’s first generation Apple TV used the technology way back in 2006, with the rest of the Mac lineup later following suit. The 802.11n standard wasn’t formally ratified until October of 2009.

    The precedent for Apple’s early adoption and implementation of new Wi-Fi standards is well established and adopting the 802.11ac standard and its 1 Gigabit network speeds this year would be par for the course.

    Source: Apple Insider

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    I dont see reason for Apple to jump onto this bandwagon so quickly - but I really wouldnt mind it

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    Its probably the only way to make playing games, especially high speed game, using airplay mirroring to work consistently. Its a great feature, it's just not consistent on the 4S. The iPad 2 performs much better regarding connectivity, but screen resolution is still lacking.

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    Anything that can make my AT&T signal stronger, I am ALL for it!!!
    First AT&T signal sucks, then they can't define the term "Unlimited"...
    I am all for a better WiFi, the less I have to use them the better...

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    Gigabit Wifi will be awesome. Only reason I use the Ethernet port is to get faster transfer from my NAS.

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    While I don' think the extra bandwidth will really matter if it is more efficient that would be a plus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breezer23 View Post
    While I don' think the extra bandwidth will really matter if it is more efficient that would be a plus.
    Syncing iTunes libraries should be cake with this technology. Combine this with a sealed type case and inductive charging and you'd have a great waterproof device.

    I imagine someday seeing a Lifeproof style case that has a built in inductive charger and maybe a bluetooth headphones device that can deliver true audiophile quality sound. Ok maybe not true audiophile but something way better then the current implementation and apple has a truly iconic device that is freed from the wires and tangles that bound all other manufacturers. <----Pure marketing gimmick but one that I like.

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    Damn I just got a new wireless router, already obsolete.

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