K-mart and Sears may be reeling from the lack of in-store sales, but the online shopping community is booming, and large in thanks to the iPad.

According to IBM’s Smarter Commerce research unit, which tracks 500 online retailers, Christmas Day shopping increased 16.4 percent year-over-year. And this doesn’t even include numbers from Amazon.com and presumably Apple’s website as well.

The number of purchases made via mobile devices surged this year as well. The dollar amount of purchases made on mobile devices was up 172.9 percent compared to last year and seven percent of all purchases on 12/25 originated from the iPad according to IBM exec John Squire. That is for all purchases made online, not just purchases made on a mobile device.

A report last week from RichRelevance claimed that 92 percent of mobile purchases during December originated from an iOS device and again this doesn’t take into account Amazon.com or Apple’s online store. Even the amount iOS device owners spend per transaction is higher than Android and other platforms ($123 vs $101).

The transition to online shopping versus brick and mortar shopping continues. While the total number of online sales still pales in comparison to the total number physical store sales, online retailers continue to see almost exponential growth. Maybe global supply chain logistics would be a good business to get into….

Source: TUAW