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Thread: Apple Patent Reveals iOS Friendly Smart Kiosk

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    Default Apple Patent Reveals iOS Friendly Smart Kiosk

    Image Courtesy of Patently Apple

    Apple and their minions toiling away in bowels of Cupertino's LSD-laden labs (I have no proof verifying the previous statement) have filed a new patent dealing with “smart kiosks” that interact with iOS devices.

    The idea behind the Kiosks is simple, new iOS device users walk into an Apple Store, or Best Buy, (or just happen to see a kiosk at a bus stop) and all the new iOS owner wants to do is find the right accessories or apps for their device. The confounded customer would simply connect their device to the Kiosk, and the server, using a new determination server, the kiosk would supply a customized list of accessories and apps for the customer and their device.

    How the kiosk connects to the device, and the kiosk’s uses vary throughout the patent description. The kiosk could be positioned at trade-shows and provide useful information to curious iOS owners, it could also identify the users iOS device by a bar-code or serial number instead of connecting the device via a cable or dock.

    Interacting with the Kiosk could be a familiar experience for iPhone 4S as well. While, not in the patent, Patently Apple does make the point that a kiosk of this nature begs for Siri to be implemented as a way of navigating and communicating. Apple has already implemented their hands free iOS checkout, and walk-in-grab-and-leave programs making possibility of a Siri-enabled smart kiosk very plausible.

    Source: Patently Apple
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    Someone watched "Billion Dollar Hippy"!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eightyk88 View Post
    Someone watched "Billion Dollar Hippy"!
    lol 88. Phil had his airplane glue out for this one Most of the time he has his buzz blown off before
    hitting the keyboard.


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    What's to prevent ppl from Fake scanning and buying the item and walking out? No one can check for a receipt nor do they see you with an Apple Employee

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenderRodriguez View Post
    What's to prevent ppl from Fake scanning and buying the item and walking out? No one can check for a receipt nor do they see you with an Apple Employee
    If they even did it, don't you think they'd have account and purchase security farther than a device scan of some sort? Like your iTunes password? Debit card pin? Somethin? Surely, a-holes with stolen phones won't be allowed to roam the streets, raggin out soccer mom bank accounts on Otter Boxes and Angry Birds at the local bus stop Apple kiosk.

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