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Thread: German Court Close to Ruling in Favor of Motorola Mobility in Patent Case Against Apple

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    Quote Originally Posted by eZStaR View Post
    Ok kid, yep. Gyroscope first on any mobile device, pinch and zoom, App store (Market LOL?), multi touch, etc all invented by someone else apparently.

    "computers, tablets, phones. Infact, they invented the internet." That would be google sir. Because they like to go to other businesses, although a majority of their products suck.
    What can I do to make you know that I agree with you that Apple is the master innovator. You have won the battle..Apple is supreme. You can rest now while we android users (hate the word fan) continue to use our sub-par device that has infiltrated the mobile market with inferior and stolen ideas..we love it anyway and I bet you love your iOS too. FYI again, these companies give no **** about you and ME. So, let go of the idroid fight and enjoy your life. Devices are not suppose to make you happy..they are suppose to serve you like SIRI.

    Hope you know I'm being sarcastic...

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    CRapPLE got they behind kick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eZStaR View Post
    LoL, I picture you as a fan droid. Clearly you don't know ANY facts or seen any statistics at all. Try going to a real gadget/news website and learn something.
    "Ground break features?" Showing up on cydia and used on their official iOS? Please explain, what would you be talking about? Wifi sync? App deleter? Wallpapers? Steal those ideas? Yep, apparently you have a magical ball knowing that Apple must have not known about those ideas/apps already. Derp, perhaps they wanted to make an official app which doesn't destroy their device? Does that mean they stole it? Or does that mean they were working on it? Or perhaps, they took user suggestions and polls to see what people wanted?
    Touch screen? LOL. This is what makes you seem like an idiot. Let me clarify for you, Apple didn't make the TOUCH screen, they reinvented and revolutionized MULTI TOUCH technology. There is a clear difference between pressure sensitive touch screens and multi touch screens. Apple did this, they were the first, and look what happened? Every other device out now, has the same multi touch technology which first made Apple popular. (You remember the early laggy and shitty Android devices, which magically now have stolen features from the iPhone + Android software itself? Remember the gyroscope?) Stop sucking on cheap Android Di*ks, and get a real user intuitive and user friendly phone.
    Funnies part is you say I don't know facts or statistics then you say apple was the first with multi touch screens.... not true.

    I won't even attempt to talk to you about reality because others have already shown you what apple "stole" from other developers for their iOS improvements. I have used iPhone exclusively starting with #1 and used each up to and including the 4s. I am a fan of the iPhone but not really of apple's. You however live in some kind of apple phantasy land that they made every thing and come up with everything. Your original argument was: "Yeah well, maybe if 95% of the products out there didn't resemble or steal ideas from Apple and called it "innovation," Apple wouldn't have to sue companies.". So basically you're saying apple came up with 95% of mobile phone ideas. NOW if that's not what you meant then maybe you need to frame your arguments better. Your lack of ability to make a proper and direct point isn't my fault.... hence the touch screen analogy.

    I'm done with you. Your logic is flawed by drinking off the apple tit and buying into their apple is god theory.

    They do improve on tech already out there but to say they don't "steal" their ideas is laughable. Like I and many others have said, all tech steals from other tech. Good day sir.

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