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Thread: Settlement Reached For Apple's MagSafe "Strain Relief" Lawsuit

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    Default Settlement Reached For Apple's MagSafe "Strain Relief" Lawsuit

    Apple recently posted a new support document recently outlining the procedures that users should follow if they experience strain relief problems with their “T” style MagSafe power cables on notebook products. There seemed to have been issues with fraying on cables which resulted in Apple redesigning the MagSafe to adopt an “L” style connector that puts less strain on the cable.

    Apple has offered a replacement program for several years to users whose MagSafe adapters (as well as pre-MagSafe “Barrel” style adapters) which have shown signs of strain relief problems. The company has recently updated its support material to reflect that a settlement has reached in a court case over the design of the connectors. According to the terms of the settlement, Apple will be offering full or partial refunds to customers who purchased replacement adapters and will continue to cover the cost of replacement adapters for users who continue to have a problem with this issue. Apple will be offering users who purchased a replacement adapter within one year of purchasing the original computer a $79 cash payment, users who replaced their adapters in the second year will receive $50, and those who replaced the third year will receive $35. An excerpt from the terms of the settlement can be found below:

    The settlement will provide a cash payment if you are the original owner (by purchase or gift) of certain Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro computer models (“Subject Computer”) or separately purchased an Apple 60W or 85W MagSafe MPM-1 (“T”) Power Adapter (“Adapter”), your Adapter showed signs of Strain Relief Damage, and you purchased a Replacement Adapter within the first three years following the initial purchase of the Subject Computer or Adapter. If the court approves the settlement, you may be entitled to a cash payment in the following amounts depending on whether you purchased your Replacement Adapter during the first, second or third year following the initial retail purchase of the Subject Computer or Adapter: (a) first year, the actual amount you paid (excluding taxes and shipping/handling fees) up to a maximum of $79; (b) second year $50; (c) third year $35. There is a limit of three refunds per Subject Computer. You may also be able to obtain a Replacement Adapter at no charge from Apple if your Adapter shows signs of Strain Relief Damage now or in the future.
    The program will be open to all purchasers of machines with T-style MagSafe power connectors who provide a valid claim form and proof of purchase for the replacement adapter. Users have until March 21, 2012 or three years from the date of the original purchase (whichever is later) to file a claim for a previously purchased replacement adapter. The Cupertino giant will be covering current and future replacements free of charge through December 31, 2012 for any who plan to jump on the offer.

    I’ve had my MacBook for almost 2 years now and haven’t had this issue at all but apparently there are quite a bit of people who have had to buy replacement adapters. Are you amongst one of those people? Do you plan to jump on the offer? Share any thoughts and experiences below!

    Source: Apple Support (1) (2)

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    We had two macbook pros with the t style for over 4 years and never experienced this issues. I think it's people just being too hard on their equipment.

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    My mum bought a Whitebook in 2006 and the Magsafe lead was fine, then one night around a year ago it melted through and looked almost identical to the above picture. Extremely odd as prior there weren't any signs of wear and tear. An official replacement from Apple? £54!!! Absolute joke, so she got one from amazon for £30 which is still stupidly expensive.

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    This is a issue on idevice cable as well. I've had to have 3 replacements so far. When I got my iPhone 4, I bought a dock to prevent it. So far so good.

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    My wife and I have had our 3GS phones 2 years now, and have 3 Apple charge/sync cables with no fraying issues whatsoever.

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    Every iPod wire and iPhone. I have ever had has had this issue. I also have iPhone component cables and I have the same exact issue.

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    If there replacing any power cables should the iPhone,iPod ones. They fray all the time. I have about 10 cables that do that.

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    Yes.. Very serious issue for me.. I brought it into the Genius Bar. They were great! they took one off the shelf and opened it and gave it to me for free. I was over my warranty too. Sometimes you get you great workers, other times i'm stucking paying for something that mostly not my fault.

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