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Thread: Get Ready for Apple's Siri-Powered HDTV

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jahooba View Post
    So, what if someone on TV says, "Channel 4 News", will Siri pick up "Channel four" and then change the channel? How can it distinguish between a human voice and a voice from a TV speaker? I'm assuming they've figured this out.
    I'm assuming they've figured this out lol

    What channels do u watch that tell you to go to another channel?

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    This is all wrong... im sick of this rush to add computer grade functionality to huge time resistant products. TV's (just like cars) should not have anything built in. They should only be used as monitors. All this functionality should be built into the apple tv - a product that u can replace at the ridiculously fast pace of the evolving computer market, but u could keep the major investment of an HDTV for years without worrying about the whole thing becoming obsolete in a matter of months. Cars have the same problem... just create a simple STANDARD mirroring tech and a screen for all mobile os's to tap into, and leave all the gps, music, internet, (even heating and ac) to the mobile os.I actually LOVE the idea of a siri powered living room, but its just like apple to bring us all in the wrong direction for as long as possible for the sake of squeezing outrageous profits.

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    i'm sure there will be some sort of method to activate siri. maybe it listens for a certain key phrase that you need to utter to "get siri's attention" so to speak...

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    It will be an Ultra-HDTV there not supposed to come out for several years yet!

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    LoL... if only because of Siri and its brand Apple increase the price of HDTV so much.. i would go for 70 inch bravia... after all we all gonna get Bored with Siri someday... as human can never be satisfied... just like the first release of 3D Cinema.. everyone is into it.. now those 3D glasses... we still prefer without it.. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8823 View Post
    After apple really developed the TV and the TV is selling good, I assume few months or years later Samsung and Sony (Both leaders of TV right now) will somehow copy apple like the smartphone.
    And there will be something like DroidTV Operating System!
    Or Samsung Mistletoe (Codename for TV) [I Googled for Samsung fantasy and extreme and it existed!!]
    Droid-TV already exist and is called Google TV, Sony, samsung and others make it. If apple comes up with something revolutionary, it is actually improving on something that already exist. Do your techy research.

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