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Thread: Tech, Business, Political Leaders Pay Tribute to The Late Steve Jobs

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    This is a very sad day R.I.P Steve Jobs

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    A very sad day indeed. It will be interesting to see how Apple proceeds with out Steve at the helm. Such a young age we will never know what else he would have brought to the world.

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    It Truly is a Sad day, His Place can never be replaced by anyone in the Whole World., He literally Helped Change the World, and Write History. I am truly Saddened by it. may His Family find peace and Friends have the courage to bear his loss. R.I.P

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    "With his passing the world has lost a rare original, Disney has lost a member of our family, and I have lost a great friend." -Bob Iger CEO The Walt Disney Company

    Part of a message sent to all Disney employees

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    Just breaks my heart. So so sad. Way to young. Steve will always be in my heart. What a guy! God bless his soul! Thank you so very much!
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    Rest in peace Steve. You will be missed.

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    Thanks Steve for giving me a hobby. A community of friends. A way to teach my children something new in a fun and exciting way. Thanks for sharing the insane ideas that bubbled in your head. Thanks for picking up the slack of all us dreamers whom couldn't put their thoughts onto paper or couldn't think past the dream. Thanks for making me laugh while making me awe... for making me think different... thinking old in a new way. You are an inspiration, a breath of fresh air... your legacy will live on forever. Many will strive for your success, and I pray they get there, but doubt they ever will. The world lost one of its greatest minds today and you will be truly missed by all. I wish I could have had the privilege of calling you my friend, but you at least have the privilege of forever being my idol. Requiescat in pace.

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    I never met you, I never knew you, but how I will miss your genius. RIP

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    The Internet helped us to see the world; the iPhone helped us befriend the world...

    God Bless you Steve & Family ✝
    I'm just sad...very, very sad...

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    RIP Steve Jobs! The only positive I can see in what happened is maybe now we'll get some Flash on our iOS devices.

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