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Thread: Tim Cook Reportedly 'Open' to Resurrecting Some MobileMe Features

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    Default Tim Cook Reportedly 'Open' to Resurrecting Some MobileMe Features

    Although no confirmation has yet been given regarding the authenticity of the communication in question, new Apple CEO Tim Cook's office has allegedly responded to a customer complaint (not via email in true Steve Jobs fashion) in reference to the removal of more than just a few MobileMe features as the company quickly plunges into iCloud.

    "Specifically," the man recalls of his message to Cook, "I bemoaned the loss of sync services (syncing application preferences, keychain, etc.) and the loss of iDisk. I was pleasantly surprised to get a call from his office just now." Based on feedback received from Cook's staff, there are currently no plans to resurrect the services about which the man initially inquired. But there is hope.

    "Apple is open to it if there's enough feedback on the subject," someone from Cook's office was reported to have said. Consequently, some are taking this information as motivation to incessantly complain and bombard Apple until the long-lost features and services are restored." Conversely, others are taking this news with a grain of salt, as most communications between Apple and its user-base pertain to hardware or software glitches and general technical problems.

    Regardless, it is apparent that new Apple CEO Tim Cook is holding true to his word that nothing at Apple is going to change in the wake of Steve Jobs' departure as CEO. From the looks of it, top company brass will still interact with its customers when enough passion and a good logical argument are presented.

    Source: AppleInsider

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    Now if only we can get enough people to complain about supporting jailbreaking! Too bad that thought isn't going to happen though.

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    Send your messages here - if enough people do it, it will be heard!

    Apple - MobileMe - Feedback

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    Quote Originally Posted by teej1410 View Post
    Now if only we can get enough people to complain about supporting jailbreaking! Too bad that thought isn't going to happen though.
    It'll be a very cold day in hell the day that happens lol

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    Oh no...Cook is really thinking printers as the onion reported!

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    Wait.. they said nothings going to change? As much as I like Apple and all, you have someone else play the role of someone else. Ohh dear god if Tim had to make a decision that Steve didn't write in his how to run apple as C.E.O hand-book. Apple is on a roll. Its not good what happened to Steve, but he was ready and since he is no longer C.E.O of everyday operations Tim should use his own style. Before Steves hand books goes to ****.. which in id say.. not to far off. Its not like Steve was the reason the company is still here today or anything. "Noo, thats right, he doesn't deserve all the credit. Give some to those who fired him from his own company."

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    R.I.P MobileMe

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