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Thread: China Shuts Down Fake Apple Stores

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    Quote Originally Posted by hitman10 View Post
    Except they cannot provide the service standard as apple does, and it a complete ripp off to be blunt. It's not like they're trying to hide it, because the whole world knows. It was in the Toronto Star last week.

    Trurthfully, i'd hope i could tell the difference because i'd snap if I bought it off some nobody store thats going to get shut down thats not even an authorized apple reseller..? with no backing or guarantee. Bought off 3-rd party then brought to there store..? soo it goes from foxcomm or w/e through apple + mark up.. then lets say through best buy +mark up.. now to these fake apple stores +markup?

    One thing I did find funny was the picture of the dude. Thinking he's an actual Apple Store Employee absolutely killed me ahahahahhaha.

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    Actually the are still in business. I just went into two of the fake stores yesterday/24 hours ago. There were 5 stores and only two were closed.
    Quote Originally Posted by i.Annie View Post
    Lol I knew it wouldn't take long for this store to either get sued or shut down. Apple wouldn't let something this obnoxiously obvious to continue on.
    No. Stores are still open just visited one 24 hours ago. So not closed. There are 5 stores and only two were shut down because of permits not because the were fake.
    Quote Originally Posted by Turnamental View Post
    Still, it's not how business is run. This is the face of their company. No way in hell Apple would even let this go by a week.

    Apple big wigs called whatever Chinese telecom big wigs that struck a deal with them, and said hey, handle this, NOW! Lol
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    Remember the old news stories about Apple Stores in China promoting jailbreaking? It was probably one of these.

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