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Thread: Marco Tempest iPod Magic: Deception

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    Default Marco Tempest iPod Magic: Deception

    There is very little that captures the imagination of youth more so than magic. Being dazzled by a charismatic magician brings joy to those young enough to not understand the performers deception. Even as we grow older and understand what we saw as a child wasn't real "magic" but, rather well choreographed illusions, the fascination is still there.

    Heck, Fox even dedicated an entire television special to revealing some of the magicians most dazzling tricks.

    Marco Tempest, the magician in the video above, is the magician of the future. As an iDevice enthusiast seeing these devices used in such a unique and creative way is amazing. Tempest utilized a program called Multivid to trigger the synchronized playback of videos across multiple iPods or iPhones. Any number of MultiVid capable devices can be synched at once within an accuracy of 500 milliseconds. Tempest had the program developed specifically for use with magic routine. Tempest made the program available for free via the App Store as well. Just don't expect any help figuring the ins and outs of the program, Tempest has said he's not actively updating or providing customer support for the application.

    Now I just need to purchase 100 iPhones, glue them together, and mount it on my wall. And find an inductive charger large enough to recharge them all...

    Source: Wired

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone xerray's Avatar
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    My god, thatmusthave been a lot of work! Bravo!!!

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    iPhoneaholic indyracer05's Avatar
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    That was amazing!! and no editing throughout the clip either lol

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    wow....... the money drop and the butterfly at the end were very obvious but everything else was done nicely.

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    That video is the only thing on MMi my family has ever though was cool

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    That was sick!!! @waldo they dont think im cool?

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    Thats cool.
    But i'm pretty I remember all my bad experiences.
    And you just talked for 4:22
    but where was the magic trick?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xerray View Post
    My god, thatmusthave been a lot of work! Bravo!!!
    No doubt...

    I can appreciate it imagining how many hours he spent doing that.
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    that was insane

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    Very nicely done. I had to watch it twice!!
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    deception, but not from the iphone thats for sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by hitman10 View Post
    Thats cool.
    But i'm pretty I remember all my bad experiences.
    And you just talked for 4:22
    but where was the magic trick?
    My thoughts exactly. Nice whimsical presentation.. didn't see any magic outside of the editing, which you likely didn't do :P
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