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Thread: Expanding mHealth Industry Has Much to Do with Apple

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    Default Expanding mHealth Industry Has Much to Do with Apple

    Over the last twenty-four months, the mobile health industry (mHealth) has grown at an incredible pace. Illustrating the inextricable fusion of contemporary healthcare with modern mobile technologies, it's difficult to find many physicians that aren't constantly connected these days. But the beepers of yesterday have largely been replaced by the smartphones and tablets of today. And this rapid transition clearly has more to do with Apple than most folks realize.

    According to the findings from a new survey by Manhattan Research, 75 percent of doctors in the United States - yes, 75% - own some form of Apple device. Whether an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, doctors love their iDevices. And the relationship been doctors and their Apple devises is only growing stronger.

    Published May 4th, the study shows that Apple's iPhone is, hands down, the overwhelming favorite smartphone among doctors.
    "Obviously, it speaks to the popularity of Apple among physicians," James Avallone, a senior digital health care analyst for Manhattan Research, says in an interview with eWeek. "They clearly are moving toward these devices and this operating system overall."

    Already in 2011, the growth of the mHealth industry has re-directed the aspirations of many professional iOS developers - devs who now accurately perceive the opportunities inherent to the industry. ModMedical, for instance, is one example of the growing number of companies that now specialize in the production of iOS apps exclusively for medical companies (note the familiar look and feel of the site )

    Driven in no small part by the widespread popularity of Apple gadgets, more and more physicians and healthcare providers now desire m-health applications to run on their iDevices. Consequently, a whole new world of opportunities has opened up for talented developers with their finger on the pulse - pun intended - of the burgeoning business of mHealth.

    Source: eWeek

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    The devices make it easier than carring laptops around. Was at the doc yesterday and nurses and docs were toting around this big full size laptops. They carried them from room to room open. I think iPad would be way easier to do that with.

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    Maybe you should take your iPad in and make some suggestions on your next

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    For real. 200$ for a 15 minute visit they should have it covered in no time. Half of that time was her talking about Star Wars.

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    I'm not entirely convinced it is the doctors/nurses that want the Apple products as much as the industry wants them. I worked at our local hospital for a year and a half, and in that time the HOSPITAL bought EVERY doctor a new Iphone 3gs (I do not know if they are now updated to 4). Hospital covers the bills, doctors use the product. They are now working on buying Iphones for all of the Nurses/techs so they can directly communicate with the doctors at all times, rather than use beepers. I got the feeling Apple/ATT/whoever made them an offer they couldn't refuse, so they jumped. If every hospital does that, $$$$$$$$. I'm sure the doctors like them, but to say the trend is because they like them, isn't entirely true, at least here. BTW, were talking maybe 100 doctors and 1500 nurses/techs here, so bigger hospitals would be putting out a lot more money. Not that I'm complaining at all though, because of this program, we got a $20/mo discount on our bill for being employees.

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    I work for a sizable healthcare organization (I won't name it, but it rhymes with Schmeizer Schmermanente) and though IT pushes blackberry (and will only support blackberry) the 75% ratio falls right in line with what I've witnessed.

    Oh and that split falls almost perfectly at 50 years of age with only the older physicians carrying different types of phones.
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    I am at a small, private, Liberal Arts college, and I know for sure that the Nursing majors here are required to purchase at least a 2g iPod Touch so that they can use apps/software in classes. I wonder how many other schools do this?

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    My dad is using his ipad for his radiology stuff

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    Am a Radiologist and I cannot do without my ip4 or my iPad2. Absolutely essential.

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    In nursing school it wasnt required, but suggested to have an iPhone or iPod to load a pharmacology program to be used in class and clinicals.

    Now working at one of the largest teaching and research hospitals in the nation- there is no preference, thus far, set in place by the facility.

    When sitting around, I'd say 3 out of 4 people already have an iPhone though.

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