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Thread: Violence Breaks Out Saturday at Beijing Apple Store

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    Did you not see the Lack?

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    Quote Originally Posted by unison999 View Post
    it was a foreign employee that beat up a person, where is the discipline and manners in that?
    The real question is..... "foreign to who"??? (sarcasm implied).

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    I bet the customer asked if his new iPad was jailbreakable

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    Apple and Communism don't mix!

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    I buy iPhone for my son! You leave store now!
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    Bet that dude didn't think he was gonna get pwned when he left the house that day. He's a clever sentence away from being this week's meme.
    iPhone 4 to Android directly back to iPhone 4. I learned my lesson and will never leave iOS again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mes View Post
    It's time Apple re-implement the on-line order system for hot first-release products. It was just a matter of time before long lines turned violent. IMHO -- another Apple blunder.
    Apple Blunder??? I want you to re-read that line...people lining up DAYS in advance, from NYC/London/China and parts unknown...iPads not even making it to the shelves before they are out the door...have you seen their quarterly posting? The only blunder is this alleged beating by an alleged Apple employee(if it is an Apple employee) if DESTROYING every and any thing your competition can even WANT to bring to the table is a blunder, well...every one has been doing it wrong since the Dawn of Time!!!
    "The Sun never sets on being a BadAss...-Me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Str4y View Post
    Did you not see the Lack?
    Lack is a pretty big accusation, are you sure about it lol?

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    Yes I am pretty sure about it

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    just checking...

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    ok then

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    Quote Originally Posted by iYeow View Post
    Lack of discipline and manners of the people of China.
    Quote Originally Posted by GellBrake'rrrr View Post
    The real question is..... "foreign to who"??? (sarcasm implied).
    Foreign to China is all that matters to respond to his generalizing and boarder line racist remark.
    Expected more from a moderator.

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    I want white iPad/iPhone!!!!!!! Aaaahhhhhhh!!!!! >:0


    Wow people these days
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