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Thread: ARM Processors to Replace Intel Chips on Future MacBook Models?

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    there are two things in the equation.
    One - why go back to the RISK. If they finally got rid of it by discontinuing Rosetta.
    Two - Windows will be supporting ARM architecture, so, no bootcamp/parallels loss.
    But why? intel and apple have been developing tech together, for some time... i don't see it happening as i was back in 2005. And All major corps seem to be adopting ARM for mobile and Intel/X86-64 for computers. And X86-64 has so much horsepower, that i really don't see it happening. And since apple started to use intel, and not being different in hardware terms, it started to grow its sales, as never before.

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    For those (myself included) who use Parallels, do ARM chips support Virtualization?

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    who ever said anything about ARM processors in desktop computers?
    you claim apple will stop supporting intel code in future OS's, but wouldn't they need to put ARM processors in the iMac and Mac Pro as well? ARM is a mobile architecture atm meant for low power applications where battery life is a factor.
    one thing bugging me though, what about graphics cards? are ARM compatible graphics chips up to the task of powering the latest MacBook Pro?

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    it wont happen, apple will use intel processors for atleast the next 3 years they wont use the arm processor its just people talkin poo

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    I highly doubt it. Intel is making all the advances in the processor community. They just found out that they can make 3D chips, i.e. not only on the x and y axises, but the z axis as well. So they will have even more area for processing. Plus, I don't think MOBILE chips have enough processing power to fuel a MacBook Pro. Maybe they would work for the Air, but they just don't have enough juice for the higher end notebooks. One person said that by 2013 maybe ARM will have 8 core processors. They just might, but what advances will Intel have made by 2013? By Moore's Law, more than you can imagine. Also is the problem of fragmenting the Mac line-up. Mobile devices have ARM, and desktop devices have Intel. If just the laptops get ARM, then where will that leave the iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro? In a category all by themselves? No, Apple doesn't work that way. It simply doesn't make sense.
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    God, I hope this doesn't happen.
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