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Thread: Mac vs PC: The Final Showdown

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    Default Mac vs PC: The Final Showdown released an unscientific study profiling the differences between 388,315 self described Mac and PC users. Their findings confirm what most of us already assumed: Mac users are city dwelling, liberal hipster socialites, with a penchant for the finer things in life like drinking Boylan’s Root Beer to wash down their hummus and vegetarian Shawarma while watching an episode of The Office, the funniest show on Television.

    PC users rather are suburb sitting, Harley Davidson riding engineers with an insatiable hunger for raw meat and McDonalds fries usually washed down by Orange Crush while watching a Law and Order: SVU marathon.

    Mac users tend to sip on a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or a Vodka Gimlet while discussing modern art and how plain looking PC users are.

    PC users play “slap the bag” after pounding a Screaming Orgasm and confuse impressionist art with Frank Caliendo.

    Mac users prefer Wes Anderson.

    PC users prefer Michael Bay.

    Mac users are a vocal minority (10.8%).

    Microsoft has sold more Windows 7 licenses than there are people in the United States.

    Mac users will fix their own computers. Or die trying.

    PC users will ask their “Mac Friend” to fix theirs.

    In all seriousness it's almost as if made up these statistics and findings. Apple was on to something with their Mac vs. PC ad campaign. What we thought was humorous hyperbole turned out to be quite accurate. Head on over to Hunchblog to see the complete findings.


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    PC users will ask their "Mac friend" to fix theirs? That was stupid.

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    Hey I have a pc and I like Michael Bay, but I don't like raw meat and I fix my own computers, or at least try to anyways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Man of Sand View Post
    Hey I have a pc and I like Michael Bay, but I don't like raw meat and I fix my own computers, or at least try to anyways.
    You cannot compare a Mac to windows it's like saying I have a Ferrari to your skoda

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    I'm windows guy. But I sound more like a Mac guy. I fix my own computer and hate MC D's.

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    PC users enjoy playing games on their computers?

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    PC > mac. I know I'm in the minority on this site...

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    And what's wrong with Michael Bay? Last I heard he was making some badass movies.

    The Office isn't the funniest show on tv.....FAMILY GUY is. Everyone knows that.

    This survey is a joke!

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    Weird study???

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    Mac users bring their computer back to have it fixed.

    PC users fix it them self.

    (not bashing on anyone. Just saying based on my experiences. I'm a Just as much of a Mac person as I am a PC person)

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    As I was reading this in the car thats sitting on blocks outside my trailer I decided that this is the stupidest article I have read on this site. Apparently as a PC user I am a redneck hillbilly that eats rabbits for lunch. We all know that at this point it boils down to personal preference. There is no stereotype that follows using one product over another.

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    I think studies like this are pointless. To try and stereo type people by the operating system they are using..
    I bought a macbook in 2008 and haven't looked back until I got a new job and I love my set up at work with windows 7 I honestly feel it's comparable to the mac os in speed and look.

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    I actually think mac users might be minorities in this forum, even if some people won't admit it.

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    I have both. Mac seems faster but lacks in certain programs. I prefer PC for burning movies/CDs w/ Nero. They both have pros and cons....

    That's why I run Windows XP w/ VMWare on my Mac; although PCs still burn media faster!

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    Meh... they are basically saying your IQ is lower if your with windows?? thats what pretty much got from the website.

    Fish are friends, not food!
    Neither is Slow Internet.

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    yea screw that site i laughed how they made hipsters seem trendy and individualistic know it seems every other tool out there dresses like one
    totally biased website i was going to get a mac now im not if theres pro mac sites out there like that why cant we just not even care what os we use and be friends

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    Lol this survey made me laugh. Im a mac guy tho lmao

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    Quote Originally Posted by punjabi212 View Post
    PC users will ask their "Mac friend" to fix theirs? That was stupid.
    Ha you may be right, but I'm just poking fun at the data Hunch put out there. What do you expect though? There a gadgillion (scientific I know) more windows users than Mac users. This no doubt equates to more casual pc users total even if percentage wise the numbers are equal.

    Also, this study was hardly scientific. There was no random sampling done of either population, no reliability tests done etc. It's simply something done more for fun and conversation.

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    I had a good laugh reading this. Thank you.

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    I think this is made up, almost none of the PC stats match me hahaha!

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