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Thread: Mac vs PC: The Final Showdown

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    Quote Originally Posted by InsecureSpike View Post
    i have a mac, but new to it and love it!!
    what did you have before your mac?

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    Quote Originally Posted by santacruzlocal View Post
    First Off: Big Bang Theory > The Office
    Second: I'm a "PC" User and I fix ALL my friends Macs
    Third: Does it make me "Bi-Nerdy" If I have a PC and a Mac?
    Fourth: Transformers is Awesome weather you use a PC or a Mac
    Fifth: I like Vodka and hate Frank Caliendo
    and last but not least. Windows 7 sucks !!!!
    I agree with you, especially on Transformers!!!

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    A pc lmao

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Man of Sand View Post
    what did you have before your mac?

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    I don't agree with the premise that Mac users are smarter or more sophisticated than PC users. Macs are for people that don't know anything about computers. So if anything it would be the opposite.

    A friend once explained to me that a BMW was for people that loved cars. If you own a BMW then most likely you know what you're driving. He went on to explain that Mercedes owners don't even care about the internals - they just want to get in and go.

    PC users are more like BMW owners.
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    I think its the other way around

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    Is what the f$&k an appropriate response? Or will I be classified as a Linux bi alien?

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    Linux bi alien

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    Quote Originally Posted by punjabi212 View Post
    PC users will ask their "Mac friend" to fix theirs? That was stupid.
    Exactly! In my experience Mac users are incapable of changing a tire, let a lone fixing their computer or another's. No no, they come to us PC nerds for guidance, and kind folk we are, we give that help unabashedly and without the pampous stick of mac up our arses.
    They can have my jailbreak when they pry it from my cold dead fingers.

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    Hey I can change truck tires let along a flat

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    Hey! I like the office. It is the funniest show on t.v 

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    Uh, typically most Mac users don't know **** about computers... That's why the opt for the prepackaged use as we say computer made by apple. Did it also mention that apple customers are suckers who pay 3 times as much for the same hardware that will not be able to get software updates in about 2 years? Sorry, but apple customers are chumps.

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    That is so stupid

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    This news was mainly for fun. I doubt any is true

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    Quote Originally Posted by rico_ View Post
    and what's wrong with michael bay? Last i heard he was making some badass movies.

    The office isn't the funniest show on guy is. Everyone knows that.

    This survey is a joke!
    100% correct statement

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    Quote Originally Posted by CabooseLoL View Post
    Mac users bring their computer back to have it fixed.

    PC users fix it them self.

    (not bashing on anyone. Just saying based on my experiences. I'm a Just as much of a Mac person as I am a PC person)
    That's very true I'm a pc and I would die trying to fix mine than having someone else do it.

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    Hmmm wonder where do I fit in.
    I built my CPU myself. I have a multiboot system:

    ---Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
    ---Debian Linux
    ---Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.7

    The order listed is not a preference order as all three are equally applicable in their own way

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    Some of you are taking this WAY to serious. Obviously they cannot determine this from any kind of study, it is more for fun. Some of you are getting mad @ the stereotypes of PC users then turning around and bashing mac users, thats hypocritical. It's all based on personal prefrence. I am a Mac user becuase im in the design field and its the industry standard, and from personall experience they have far less isues. As for the people saying Mac users know nothing about computers, I probly know more about computers than 75% of the people on this forum, I am always fixing friends/family's computers. Again it's personall prefrence, but there is not one thing my mac can't do that a PC can.

    Oh, and my Mac is definatly not "prepackaged" its 100% customized the way I set it up. And it didnt come with LOADS of bloatware
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    Again, another story having nothing to do with modifying my i-device

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    why are there so many pc users on a iphone/mac news site...?
    If only all closed minds came with closed mouths

    Common sense is not that common

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