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Thread: Some Apple Customers Invited to Test Pre-Release Version of Lion

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    This is NOT an April Fool's joke. I got an invite, I DL'd the OS through the app store, and it's on an external HD right now. If you think it's a joke, I guess the joke's on you.

    As to Kesha, I have heard the name. Just wouldn't know her if she sang in my ear or appeared in front of me.

    I'm not sure how knowledgable you have to be. I guess enough to understand you shouldn't install it over your actual OS, but should experiment with it on a partition. If you can do that, then I guess you are knowledgeable enough. It looks nice, installed easily, you can import your stuff into it, but I don't know if it's the GM or just a WIP. I read they're pushing the due date back a few months, so probably NOT the GM. However, if they have "ordinary" people trying it out, it should be close.

    As to torrent copies, I would NEVER put a torrented OS on any of my systems. That just seems to be asking for trouble.

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    Many reports of people getting invites

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    jealous. Hope it doesn't change too many things, though... I just got used to Mac, transferring from Windows®...

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    Depending on how you use it, pretty much the same.

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    So far so good (0=

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    Nice. My Dock won't Genie, though yours seems to. I filed a bug report.

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    I have a paid dev but still haven't participated on the new Lion. Pretty interest in how they decided who was getting the preview.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr117 View Post
    Nice. My Dock won't Genie, though yours seems to. I filed a bug report.

    So far the only two things I've noticed on mine is that when you start up, the status bar at the top is blacked out for a few seconds, then kicks in. The other thing is I can't log into Skype. It stays stuck on the "signing in" screen but never logs in. Aside from that everything is running smooth (so far).

    EDIT: There's been a workaround for that Skype/FaceTime issue, found it via google.

    I also notice at times windows/status bars temporarily go black, as do the Dashboard widgets.
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    This is looking like its shaping up to be a very good OS from what I have seen. Can't wait for the final release.

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