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Thread: Steve Jobs Blasted by Rocker Jon Bon Jovi

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    What's a CD ???

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    Mr. B.J.(pun intended) seems to just have eyes for his own problems. I'm an old guy too and I have bought thousands of CDs throughout my life. With the advent of mp3 and electronic media, the number of CDs that I buy just went sky high, because now I can have easy access to new songs/artists which I would probably would never touch if were not for web stores like iTunes.

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    Bon Jovi is a retard. Plain and simple. He doesn't know how business works nor the music industry for that matter.
    1. Steve jobs didn't personally create itunes it self, it was all of Apple contributing in the project. It's retarded for a person to blame a CEO personally for a product.
    2. iTunes, if more than anything, HELPED the music industry due to the sheer amount of users/buyers all around the world linked to one program. If you like one song, instead of the others in an album, you should have a freedom to only buy THAT song, instead of wasting money on the rest.

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    Bon Jovi makes great can you hate on "Livin on a Prayer"

    Also hes prob. just feeling nostalgia for the past.

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    His iTunes sales must really suck.

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    The Internet is a sad place sometimes I swear. To a large degree HE'S RIGHT. Purchasing music used to be an experience, now it isn't as big of a deal. I used to anticipate record releases, enjoy new artist and there would be a host of other fans there with you doing it. Now its just not the same.

    With all that being said, the digital revolution isn't all that bad for the artist. iTunes allows new artist the ability to skip past a lot of the politics of the business and get their music straight the the people. There's something very good about that.

    All in all many of you stand in line for iPhone and iPads because of how good of a product they are. You enjoy the moment you open the package and experience the product for the first time. For some people music had a similar feeling and can't get that from downloading a disposable medium to fill up hard drive space
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    Man oh man Jon is really tripping he's mad cause you don't have to wast your money on junk anymore I bet they got all mad when they put listening stations in the lost but not forgotten Tower Records now this. I would buy digital through iTunes any day over old school Records/Tapes and soon to be DVD/CD's. They just have to get with the times there not the first person in history to get mad about the way music is changing, and if you haven't noticed music will never stop changing and so will the way we deliver and receive download or whatever suites your specific music needs. Music will never stop evolving and JOB'S knows it.

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    his songs sounded the same, every song, same beat.
    It got old fast, he came back 20 something years later to sound exactly the same.
    he is a burnout no one cares, I would be upset if people could sample the garbage I was trying to sell then say, f' that.. and move on.
    Back in the day we used to buy CDs and 1 or 2 songs were ok and the rest was trash

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    There are no good albums anymore worth buying. You would be buying a CD for a song or two. Lack of good music is what killed the music industry.

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    who is bon jovi

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    Music has needed a revolution for a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaEliminator View Post
    Jon Bon Jovi is amazing. End of story. His music and everything is real. Part of electronics is taking away from what music real is and now turning it into pop/autotune singers who have not much talent.
    Yea right I bet my new iPad 2 he uses Avid's protools hd to record on and if not there using it to mix and master the album like every other professional talented music producer artist, even the show we all love American idol uses some kind of Avid also known as Digidesign product. Everything is on it's way to being digital analog is a walking dinosaur and digital is the future.

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    there were pros and cons to music back then.

    as has been rightly pointed out, there was value to essentially listening to an *entire* CD. You'd bet to spend time in the artists' world and stay there for awhile. Now, most people just skip around going from one artist to the next with no real rhyme or reason because there's no media to switch out. just go to the next mp3.

    the con back then, of course, was the inconvenience of having to carry all your stuff in disc carriers...and not being able to get just the song you want (unless it was released as a single). still, people don't get to spend time letting an album grow on them because they don't have to.

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    I get what Bon Jovi is saying. There's a lot of his own nostalgia in his comments. In a time where digital distribution is only going to grow and grow, very soon there will be a generation that will never have gone to a music store for a new CD/LP/Vinyl or even a Gamestop for the latest video game.
    When I was a kid, when I used get a new SNES game, some of the best time enjoying the game was the car ride home, reading and re-reading the booklet and box.
    I get more a sense of ownership with physical media over downloaded media. But I'm willing to trade that feeling for being able to have all my media in more or less one place.
    This is nothing more than a case of "back in my day...." We'll all have these rants ourselves as we get older.

    Also, I think the disconnect from a tangible product has helped create the perception that piracy, in the form of illegal downloads, is not anything wrong.

    Soon enough similar comments will arise from famous authors about eBooks.

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    Ohhh noooo I can't waste money on crappy albums with shiny covers any more? what ever will I do?!?! Shut up Bon Jovi, none of the "kids" you are talking about know who you are.

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    He really wanted to complain about how easily it is to find and download music and not pay for it online. Popularize digital device people will make digital download easier, piracy does not seems so hard to do after that. Sure you can still do that with the CD's and tapes, but without the popularity of digital devices the music piracy would not be so widespread as it is now.

    Edit: I wonder if Bon Jovi music stop being carried on iTunes... He hates it Jobs don't like people talking crap about him, do both of them a favor and remove it
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    Jon Bon Jovi should be upset at today's youth not the people delivering the music. If kids, or anyone for that matter, want to go and buy a CD or Record, they can. Most just choose not to. Times change and there will always be one old man shaking his fist at kids and saying " back in my day"...

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    No. It's people's desire to not have to hop in a car, drive to a record store and plop down $20 on something they probably don't want to make room in their house to store, not even knowing if it's something they'll like anyway. People that want to do that still have the option. Now it's easier than ever to discover artists and to have your music reach a broader audience AS an artist. How is that ruining music?
    I can't see where a candy-coated pop rocker like Mr. Jovi who treats music as a product rather than an art form would get any real perspective on how digital media and the opportunities it provides affect the average person. If people want to waste time and possibly money too, they will.
    The only thing 'ruining' music is people only knowing the music that is spoon fed to them (most of which is garbage) because there is no way for them to discover anything new or different without buying random CDs at the store.

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    Bon Jovi is a joke, His music is a joke, his look is a joke, and his opinion is a joke. He just thinks that he isn't selling records because everything is done on the internet now... Little does he know its because he is pathetic and irrelevant.
    - Hillsdale

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaEliminator View Post
    Jon Bon Jovi is amazing. End of story. His music and everything is real. Part of electronics is taking away from what music real is and now turning it into pop/autotune singers who have not much talent.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jastra View Post
    I agree with him. I personally love owning a physical album. That's the biggest problem in music today... Artist are writing singles not albums. It's not Apple's fault though. They are just delivering what and how the customer wants.

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