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Thread: Apple’s Jonathan Ive Might Be Moving Back to England: Rumor

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    I love Jony Ive, but go back to England...? And for the stated purpose so that he and his wife can raise their twin boys? I know we have a crappy educational system that favors people with money and tha..... Hey, wait a minute, Jony Ive is rich and California has some of the best universities in the entire country, several of which happen to be within short driving distance to Cupertino. What's the matter, it doesn't rain enough in Northern California? Something's wrong. Let's have a script for Zoloft and Xanax and put those "golden handcuffs" back on, but this time, let's tighten them up a little and for a longer period of time. And TSA, put him on the no-fly list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by feidhlim1986 View Post
    As an atheist I didn't think you'd believe in hell
    Real hell is life on earth. Gives new meaning to a living hell
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    I love the guy. He should do whatever feels right. God it would suck to replace him. Commuting back and forth would suck. I wonder how much air travel that is not to mention I would hate planes public or private if I was flying that much

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    Wants to come home as we have the best education in the world :-)
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    Apple really needs to relax...obviously Apple wants him to stay where they can keep there EYES on him, so to speak. You know how secretive Apple is in general. The man is a self made multi millionaire...I believe he has more than earned the right/trust to make these decisions. If Apple keeps up this stranglehold technique, they are going to pass up on some of the future GREAT MINDS in telecommunications....just a thought :]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Th3_Amazing_Ath3ist View Post
    At least someones smart to get out of this hellhole we live in.
    Do you not like America?

    Quote Originally Posted by Stonetz View Post
    I think you're confused. I'm not saying they're more or less evil than other companies but Apple is just as profit orientated.

    At this level in any company your life is going to be second to the companies needs for sure.
    Well at least the guy has enough money to retire early and live very comfortably!
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    He's got 30 million worth of Apple stock, he's holding all the cards here not Apple. They might as well let him telecommute, it's better than loosing him entirely.

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    he should have no problem working from england, all he would need is a fast internet connection and a vpn.. i worked in a us engineering department from here in Canada, other than the by-monthly in person meetings i did all my work from here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reagan5194 View Post
    Wow apple is a sad company if he wants to live in England he should be able to
    I call shenanagans. Apple wants his position to stay in Cali. Not an unreasonable request. He has $30M in stock. you no likey, you sellie and go back to the queen. PEACE.
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