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Thread: Geohot Asks For Help from Hacker Backers via PayPal to Fight Sony

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    Default Geohot Asks For Help from Hacker Backers via PayPal to Fight Sony

    It's been a rough 2011 so far for iconic hacker Geohot. Since his recent rap against Sony's hacker witch hunt didn't result in a lucrative recording contract, it now appears that Geohot is in need of a different strategy to raise funds for his legal defense against Sony. With the writing clearly on the wall, Geohot is gearing up for what could be an extended battle. Consequently, Geohot has established a "legal defense fund" via PayPal to help offset court-room costs, which have already topped $10,000.

    "Media, I need your help," George “Geohot” Hotz posted on his updated blog. "This is the first time I have ever asked. Please, if you support this cause, help me out and spread the word.I want, by the time this goes to trial, to have Sony facing some of the hardest hitting lawyers in the business.Together, we can help fix the system." According to Geohot, Sony is "lame," because the company is suing him for essentially hacking his own PS3.

    "Donations here are for legal defense ONLY," Geohot adds. "I checked with my lawyers before setting this up If you have another substantial way to donate aside from money, let me know." In recent weeks, George Hotz has received no shortage of mainstream media attention, far extending his notable celebrity status, which was once largely limited to our community.

    Geohot says that the ensuing legal battle with Sony is about consumer rights, which are also on trial in this skirmish with Sony. As the well-known hacker states, "I am an advocate against mass piracy, do not distribute anyone's copyrighted work but my own, do not take crap lying down, and am even pro DRM in a sense." Nonetheless, Sony wants his head on a platter. And, as a result, Geohot is turning to his friends and supporters for help.

    To read Geohot's plea for PayPal donations, click here.

    Source: Geohot

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    Wow, think I'll be tossing some chips in the pot. While I dont always agree with the methods, I agree with the message. Geo, if you read this, you have the support of some guy you've never met before.
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    Suing Geohotz is stupid to be honest but then he shouldn't have leaked copyrighted stuff from the PS3 OS.

    Now that Sony are banning hackers from PSN and their PS3's, they should just secure the PS3 more and drop the lawsuit.

    You have the right to hack your PS3 but most of the people who hacked the PS3, did it for MW2 online hacks and that effects other players which has made MW2 online unplayable on PS3, which is why I'm in favour of banning all hacked PS3's.

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    Ive appreciated his help since the 1.x days but don't think I'll be contributing to this, I saw him make a rap video about Sony and it made me dislike him that much more

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    Donated $155.00
    Confirmation number: 25L10046330588842
    Donation amount: $155.00 USD
    Total: $155.00 USD
    Purpose: SCEA v Hotz Legal Defense Fund
    There is no reason to do something anonymously if it is believed to be legal and it will benefit our rights.

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    Default hmmm
    read, agreed, funds sent.
    keep up, take them retards down...

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    sony did the right thing... no matter wat other ppl say... if he was a smart hacker not a dumb ***** he wouldn't have release the hack on his name... all pro hackers try to stay under cover.... if he wanted fame for his work then he got what he deserved!....
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    For all those people who havent had to pay 1c to jailbreak their iphones or ps3, like me. I think i can deffinety spare $50 for all the fun i had, because of Geohot and other people just like him. This is time when "we" the community needs to step-up and step-in. Dont let geohot go down. This is much bigger then just ps3.

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    His terms for settling are great and simple for Sony.

    Bring back Other OS and apologize for it on thier blog or allow legit homebrew and he will help them secure future firmwares.

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    I think that in return for our help, if geo wins he should promise to continue hacking iphones, and ps3's.

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    I'll probably donate just because I hate Sony.

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    Default Oh yea?????
    Give us a unlock for bb 02.10.04 and i'll donate!!!!

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    What doesn't Sony understand about jailbreaking being legal in the US? As long as she submits his JB code on US servers, Sony can't legally touch him!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpkirkley View Post
    Wow, think I'll be tossing some chips in the pot. While I dont always agree with the methods, I agree with the message. Geo, if you read this, you have the support of some guy you've never met before.
    Ditto! I already donated. From what I've seen and read from GeoHot, he seems to be a bit of an immature *****, BUT I fully support his defense and the defense of consumer rights. We can not allow a legal victory against the consumer's rights. A Sony victory here would be a very slippery slope and HORRIBLE precedent for future cases where corporate goons and thugs take on their own customers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cb22 View Post
    Give us a unlock for bb 02.10.04 and i'll donate!!!!
    Kind of like when he said ill give you blackra1n/blacksn0w/limera1n but you have to donate, oh yea thats right he didnt he helped you for nothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by cb22 View Post
    Give us a unlock for bb 02.10.04 and i'll donate!!!!
    Wow... Just... Wow. You, my friend are a leecher. Riding along on the coattails of intelligent individuals. Don't get me wrong, I am not skilled enough to contribute to the JB community myself. But I totally respect, and support, and donate to the Devs that do (even GeoHot, whom I'm not necessarily a fan of outside of his contributions to the community).

    Leechers like you make me sick quite frankly.

    To all those Devs, those individuals that are way more talented and skilled than I:
    I apologize for this leecher's comments and assure you that there are many more like me out here who are VERY appreciative for what you do and contribute.

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    His *** should of stayed on iPhone community. His cocky as self, his screw the dev chronic team. He deserves a whip'n.

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    Thanks geo you have given us a lot it's only fair we help you in return

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    I personally dont like the cocky ****, but he has helped me when i needed a jailbreak, and most of it was buggy sure but he still never asked for a penny from me, i think he just wants fame i dont understand it but maybe its time he gets the other end and realizes he shouldnt of put his name on that one

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